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Reader gives the lowdown on some Phoenix golf courses

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A Golf Publisher Syndication reader said Camelback was nice, but didn't blow him away. (GolfPublisher.com)

A Golf Publisher Syndication reader said Camelback was nice, but didn't blow him away.

The Raven Golf Club at South Mountain is a nice course, with lots of pine trees which are unique for Phoenix. The service is great and it's an all-around good place.

Camelback Golf Club is a fairly easy track which doesn't blow me away. Living in Arizona I've come to enjoy it, but it is overpriced, and not something I would recommend for someone making a Phoenix golf trip. There are other course I'd rather play, but if you need an easy round on a nice course this is the one.

I like Superstition Springs Golf Club, mostly because it is close to my home. If you don't pay too much, I'd say give it a shot. It offers some nice, challenging holes while allowing you to make up some shots on several others. An all-around nice place.

Talking Sticks Golf Club is a nice, almost primitive track which kind of blends in with the native area. It's nice mostly because it's Troon managed.

Whirlwind Golf Club at Wild Horse Pass has two courses - Cat Tail and Devil Claw. Both are fun courses also run by Troon. I believe Cat Tail is the better of the two. But I've played both and recommend them. Plus there is a casino near the property which allows you to win money to pay for your next round. In theory, at least.

The Phoenician is a resort course that's Ok. It feels smushed at times (the mountain area- there are three nine-hole tracks Mountain, Canyon and Oasis) It didn't wow me when I played it the first time and typical of a fancy resort the food is absolutely ridiculously overpriced. $15 for a hamburger! Smuggle something in if you plan to eat. $12 for a hotdog is robbery.

The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa One is a resort course I really enjoy playing. The also have three nine-hole runs -- Ironwood, Acacia and Mesquite. I usually end up on the Ironwood and Acacia combination.

This course has always been in great shape when I've been there and it's very playable. It's not too easy, not too tricky. One of my favorite courses around -- probably because I've shot well there in the past. It's run by Troon and the service -- especially on course -- is great.

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  • Great Eagle golf Course in Surprise, AZ

    DAS wrote on: Feb 18, 2011

    Played the course today. Tee boxes and fairways were wet, but in good overall condition. However, the greens were not. They had little to no grass with small tuffs of growth which knocked the ball off course. On several of the greens the area around the cup was raised making many putts move slightly and miss the cup. A beautiful course and golfing experience ruined by the very poor condition of the greens.


  • golf

    hack taylor wrote on: Sep 4, 2009

    you say you are reviewing phoenix courses and you pick almost all scottsdale courses, your an idiot. why don't you review courses the average joe plays mr hoighty toighty.