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WorldGolf.com reader says PGA Tour's Viking Classic anything but a "snooze fest"

Chad Campbell
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Chad Campbell (.)

In regard to the article "PGA Tour's FedEx Cup was misguided, and the rest of golf's 'season' will suffer" in your WorldGolf.com newsletter: I attended the Viking Classic, and have to disagree with your comment about it being a "snooze fest," is a bit unfair.

Viking is a new sponsor who is very interested in upgrading the tourney. The kids pro-am was a big hit on Tuesday, and an additional pro-am was added due to the added interest in the event this year. No, we did not have the BIG names playing, however we did have Chad Campbell as our winner.

Additionally, the Viking Classic drew very good crowds, upped interest in PGA golf, supported many charities, and had good quality professional golfers who related well to the fans, and especially the kids. Fans got to get close to the golfers, and were not pushed and shoved down the ropes, as with the BIG tourneys.

Maybe the smaller, more personal events are what some folks want! Ask the pros, and the spectators, what they thought of the Viking. I think their response will tell our story very well.

- John Wesley

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