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Golfer celebrates ace at Paiute Resort's Snow Mountain in Las Vegas

Paiute Snow
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Reader Chase Townsend scored an ace in Las Vegas at the Paiute Resort's Snow Course. (Courtesy photo)

I didn't see the ball actually go into the hole. I was hitting into the sun but I did see it bounce once and assumed that it rolled to the back of the green in the rough. When I drove up and walked to the back of the green I couldn't find it. I even looked in the weeds beyond but no ball. After several minutes and frustration, my partner said "lets look in the hole."

He did and lo and behold there it was. He asked me what ball I was playing to confirm. It was too cool but never in a 100 years did I expect it to go in and on a very windy day (20 knot crosswinds).

I guessed the balled took one or two bounces at the most. It bounced about 15 feet short of the hole and must have hit the flag stick dead on and dropped. Hole had water all on the right side and covered three-quarters of the ball's path.

Chase Townsend
Sumner, Washington

Golf Course: Paiute Resort - Snow Mountain
Location: Las Vegas, Nev.
Date: Dec 29, 2006
Hole No: 4
Yards: 175
Club Used: Mizuno MP-32 7-Iron

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