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Morgan Pressel judged too harshly says reader

Morgan Pressel
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Many fans still belive that Morgan Pressel will achieve more in golf than Michelle Wie. (.)

In response to the Golf for Beginners' blog: "Pressel's golf game rises as she sees Michelle Wie's game fold:"

I have seen Morgan Pressel play in person many times and also have seen the interviews she has given. I doubt she would even mention Michelle Wie's name if she was not constantly being badgered by the media to make a comment. When you see her comments live they make sense and are not mean spirited at all. Her comments simply reflected her true feelings which I personally found refreshing. When you read what she said somehow it takes on a different tone that was not intended. I think she finally decided to simply give no comment or a short comment to move on to another question.

She has proven by her more traditional path that she can close the deal by her outstanding record as an amateur. Over time I believe she will achieve greater success than MW simply because she chose a more traditional path. Michelle will be in a category by herself for better or worse.

I also do not understand the fascination in seeing MW or any female "make the cut" in a men's tournament. Then what does anyone seriously expect her to win a men's tournament. If not expecting to win what is the point other than to simply put on a show for money which everyone will grow tired of this.

-- Joe

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  • Go Morgan!

    maiseex wrote on: Jul 1, 2007

    Yes..i don't understand either all these fascination with making a cut in men's tournament when she likely won't win it or has won any LPGA event. Pressel should be given more attention as right now clearly very talented, not to take anything away from Wie, her time will come, but all the attention right now, give me a break.


      • RE: Go Morgan!

        ehbrfhvbl wrote on: Aug 1, 2009

        michelle is awsome and rocks better than you do