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Malaga's Monte Mayor gets points for difficult, beauty

Monte Mayor Golf Club in Malaga, Spain is a stunning course in quiet surroundings. Playing off 8 I found myself feeling like I had never played before, as the course destroyed my confidence hole by hole. I had to laugh (and it was not an easy thing to do in the mood I was getting in) when on the 8th, when I had only 1 point and was contemplating suicide, I heard a group in front discussing their round: "John is on 8 points and winning at the moment, I have 3 points, Fred has one point and Derek has none." It sort of cheered me up and put things into context.

If you are scared of heights, this course is a bit scary in places. To walk the course would be like running two marathons, as it is so hilly. In a buggy I found myself frequently wondering how many people had died on the course, as even on a sunny day the buggies struggled to brake on the very steep inclines. The ball seller on the 14th was far too late for many of my colleagues.

In fact, I could talk for hours on end about this course. Interesting? Yes. Difficult? Extremely. Fair? No! Should you play it? Yes ... but just the once, so that you can see the fantastic scenery, realise how bad we are all at the game and drive 500 yards off the 17th. Not one for me, as I thought the course was not playable or fair, but I scored 11 points, which may cloud my judgment in this review. Pleased to say I would have beaten four people in the group in front when we chatted at the pleasant but expensive bar at the end! Put this one in your schedule - no other golf course you ever play will seem hard again.

Ian Bennett

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  • Terrible Mayor

    John Donnelly wrote on: Nov 4, 2010

    Played this course last week and was very disappointed after reading all the great reviews. Yes the holes are nice and the course is difficult but the course was in very poor condition. the fist tee was like a bog and hadn't been cut in weeks. I have played a few courses on the costa del sol and this was by far in the worst condition. Clubhouse was also small and was more like a street cafe than a golf clubhouse. Trying to find it was also difficult, even our local taxi driver was struggling.


  • Marvelous Monte

    Gaz Dyer wrote on: Aug 6, 2009

    Wow what a golf course!!
    I played this more than majestic golf course for the first time in March 2009 with my girlfriend and her more than generous parents (thanks Rob and Carole!!!!). Joining a family of 'golfers' my golf is getting a lot better, and was introduced to Spanish golf firstly playing Rio Real, Santana and Santa Maria at which I did okish at. Then it was up the mountains to Monte Mayor, I was warned ahead of time of its ability to eat golf balls.
    Word of advice: If your golf ball (or your partners golf ball) goes over ‘the edge’ don’t try and be a hero in retrieving it. I climbed down what I thought was a safeish incline, found said ball, only then realizing just how far ‘down’ was ‘down’ and almost had a heart attack when I realized how over the edge I really was!!!!
    It was beautiful, breathtaking and frustrating all at the same time. I must have lost 10-15 balls around our 18 holes but I loved every single minute of it. I can’t wait to come back (June 2010) to loose potentially even more balls (now I’m actually hitting the ball further with my driver the inevitable draw and fade are creeping in.) around this amazing golf course. My favorite place to play golf in the whole wide world!!!!!!
    If you’re planning playing in this part of gorgeous Spain then this really, really is a must!!!


  • Monte Mayor golf course

    Steve Nicholls wrote on: Apr 2, 2008

    Just got back and played there. An absolute monster as previously described but brilliant. Friends over there tell me that a local society (not bad golfers) have a sweep to see how many balls they'll lose. Couple of weeks ago it was 174!
    The moral as previously suggested is, remember this and don't feel too bad about the lost balls and low points scores!!


  • The Monte Mayor Monster

    Neil Slater wrote on: Feb 26, 2008

    Quite simple the most stunning course I've ever played, a must for any golfer. It took us an hour to find the place even though we were only staying 10 miles from the course. The staff in the shop were very understanding as we had missed our tee time but they managed to squeeze us in, and boy am I glad they did. It made me feel as though I had never played before I play off 14 coincidently thats the number of balls I lost. If you want your round to stay interesting stableforth is a must because your if you dont it will seriously dent your confidence, any wayward shot will be punished. I definatley will be playing the course again as knowing what is round the corner will be a help. If you choose to play this course it may be best to leave your driver in the bag.
    In all a wonderful experience well worth the money.