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Moe Norman's Natural Golf has readers singing its praises

Moe Norman
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Moe Norman has a legion of followers dur to his creation of Natural Golf. (Courtesy photo)

When legendary golf teacher Moe Norman came up with the premise for Natural Golf, he likely never dreamed of the interest and controversy it would create. Norman's creation promises the simplest swing in golf, and he has plenty of devoted followers who swear by the "uncomplicated" method.

And while some critics and golf purists have taken aim at Natural Golf, it has grown into somewhat of a cult for its followers. Norman, who brought a bigger-than-life personality to his instructions, died in 2004, but his followers still consider him "The greatest Ball-Striker of all time."

"Why am I the greatest ball-striker? Because I have the least moving parts," said Norman.

Here is what some readers had to say to following an article on Norman that appeared in BadGolfer.com.

A computer nerd loves Natural Golf

I had my first golf experience today, ever. Never swung a club beyond putt-putt. After one day of private lessons in the Natural Golf "concept" I was driving perfectly straight at nearly 200 yards.

Taking a golf class is embarrassing when you are 31 years old. What would have been more embarrassing? Having to play a round, as you call it, and hitting the ball like the other guys with expensive clubs, shoes and stogies. I am a computer nerd that hasn't exercised in over five years beyond walking to a vending machine. I would and will recommend Natural Golf to any of my other sunshine deprived brethren who need to learn how to start playing golf.

I will also recommend it to anyone I speak with that says they have trouble. Well, let's face it, I don't know any golfers but I am sure that I will be meeting some soon.


Moe Norman: Golfing greatness

If you've ever seen any footage of Moe hitting the ball you would have seen golfing greatness.

I took up Natural Golf a few years ago and my game has dramatically improved from high 100s to low 80s and this month I broke 80 twice from the gold (7,000-yard) tees. My handicap has dropped below 10 for the first time in my life. My back feels great. I can easily play two rounds per day.

Natural Golf has been the best thing to happen to my golf game ever. I hit it so far and straight that my golfing friends have nicknamed it "un-Natural Golf." If you want to play better golf, just play Natural Golf.

(Note: I am not associated with the Natural Golf people in any way - just a huge fan of NG and Moe Norman)


Just fantastic

Natural Golf is fantastic, easier to learn and more reproducible. In tennis, which I also play, there are many swings and grips. Why not in golf? Natural Golf is a good alternative and should be taught more often because it is much easier to learn.

--Robert Schnipper

Natural Golf works

I started playing golf when I was 6 and played until high school when I switched to tennis. After I was injured, I came back to golf in my late 30s. After two years working on my conventional swing, I was about a 22 index.

Then, one day, after a particularly horrible round with pro Kevin Sutherland in a charity event, I went home, ordered the Natural Golf tapes and changed my swing. After two years, I am now a 14 index and have broken 80 three times. It works.

-- Liz Gordon

Readers have more to say about Natural Golf and Moe Norman

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  • Natural Golf

    Fez Derby wrote on: Aug 31, 2009

    For many years, conventional golf was the norm in our small, rather staid community. But within the past 6 months, I've converted to natural golf - and have been able to convince a good number of others as well. To a person, we've improved our all-over tans, and now wouldn't think of playing while clothed ever again.


  • Natural Golf

    Justin Peterson wrote on: Mar 28, 2008

    I started playing golf at 16 when my Dad got me into the sport. I was decent, but almost gave up the sport a few years ago after constantly struggling with same problems most golfers have: slicing, inconsistency, frustration, and Titanic holes that sink your hole round. Then my Dad got me into Natural Golf. Now I can go out on the course after not having played in 6 months, hit it right down the middle, and card a 95 with no problem. The fierce opposition to it is just an indication of how much money rests on people being constantly frustrated with their swings. You do NOT need another lesson to hone your swing. You need an easier swing. (No I am not related to NG in any way. Just another fanatic). Justin


  • Natural Golf

    Art Dunford wrote on: Oct 8, 2007

    I fully committed to the Moe Norman golf swing two years ago after toying with it for two years. At age 67 my index was going up steadily. Being a mechanical engineer, the concept made sense to me. My index was 10.8 when I started. It is now 4.1.I had not scored in the 70's for two years. Nineteen of my last 20 rounds have been in the 70's. If not for Natural Golf I think I would have lost interest in the game. Try it, you'll like it! Art Dunford