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Reader agrees with blogger on Michelle Wie's 'injury' at LPGA Tour's Ginn Tribute

Michelle Wie
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The sad saga of Michelle Wie gets worse. There is no doubt that she withdrew from the Ginn Tribute because of concern over reaching 88.

Her overbearing father interfered in at least one situation that prompted both of her playing partners to caution him about the rule that no golfer can get outside advice or will face a two-stroke penalty. Her William Morris manager, Greg Nared, was using a cell phone on the course to clarify the 88 rule when she got to 12 over.

Of course, no one is permitted to use a cell phone on the course during an LPGA or PGA Tour event. Chris Higgs, the LPGA chief operations officer, had been talking about the rule on 88 in the media tent. Higgs went out to the course and advised Nared of its specifics.

Nared spoke with Michelle as she came off the 16th green knowing that bogey-bogey would end her year on the LPGA. Suddenly the wrist became painful and the rest is history.

It is a sad situation, but B.J. Wie did this to his very talented child. It is hard to see how she will ever recover to achieve the greatness that was expected. She has lost the wonderful smile and joy of playing golf. Her pro contract is now a burden that is crushing her in many ways ... but hey, B.J., enjoy the money …

Joe R.

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  • Michelle Wie Saga- no repsect for the game

    Bob wrote on: Aug 10, 2007

    it becomes more clear that at Michelle Wie ages, he advisers and parents fail her. She was too young to turn pro as she was not emotionally ready for the rigors of that life. If you listened to the way she spoke to the media prior to turning pro, you cold she she lacked personal maturity even though her golf game looked solid.
    Now I see her behavior and read the comments she has made to, and about, other players, officials and in the media and it appears to me that SHE HAS NO RESPECT FOR THE GAME OF GOLF. That will be he undoing financially and as a player. Tiger, Nicklaus, Palmer, Hogan, Sorenstam, Lopez, and other great champions treated the game with respect and have enriched the heritage of the great game of golf. Ms. Wie & company will never earn a spot among the greats with her recent attitude. Thankfully there are others such as Alexis Thompson, Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel that are young and exhibit both a love and respect for the game of golf. Wies' wrist injury was unfortunate, but if after so much time it is truly a burden, then she needs to seek additional medical help, stop promoting herself in the media and reconsider how she wants to be remembered in the future, if she actually has a future.


  • Wie Injury

    Don wrote on: Jun 11, 2007

    Kind of reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack - "My arm - it's broke!" This poor girl's father will ruin the game for her. However, the game of golf is built on integrity and honesty. Shame on her for pulling this stunt......