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Michelle Wie undeserving of invites and exemptions, says reader

This is in response to the recent Dot Wong Blog "Wie gets invite to LPGA Kraft Nabisco Championship; Sergio Garcia to design Dubai golf course":

Ok, when is this chick ever going to earn her right to play in an event? The easy ride she is being provided merely because at 13 she could hit the ball a long way is pathetic.

Fact is when the pressure is on she wilts, which is why the Wie Marketing Train can continue to chug along the track. The sponsors' exemptions she has herself called "it's like getting something for free" give her the risk free no pressure ride that many would dream. Question is, is she really marketable?

She talks like a 12 year old, is not exhibiting the fitness one might expect of a true role model (compare with Annika for example), and well does she have game? Questionable at best.

Lets through her into Q-school, and a qualifier for a tournament, then when she has earned that right to be in the spotlight, all of the criticisms can stop. Until she gets of the "free" ride in my view she, and everyone that supports her, should expect and accept that many people will be critical.


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  • Wee Wie

    Richard wrote on: Aug 3, 2007

    I agree with Smudge ...
    Wie is a marketing Tool for the likes of Sony et-al, as far as golf is concerned, she's a has-been at the ripe old age of 18!