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Michelle Wie of Korean descent, but is all American, says reader

In response to comments at this Golf for Beginners blog:
Michelle Wie is an American of Korean descent. People, let's get that straight. Anybody who is born in the U.S. regardless of country of origin of the parents, grandparents, or great grandparents, is an American citizen. If Michelle Wie ever makes the Solheim Cup Team, who will she play for? Yes, she will play for Team USA whereas a Korean golfer such as Se Ri Pak cannot qualify for the team US or European as she is a golfer from an Asian country.

And if golf ever becomes an Olympic event, who will Michelle play for? If she qualifies for the team, she will play for the USA and not Korea. She is not Korean, regardless of how much the South Koreans would like to claim her as their own. It's no more different than Thailand claiming Tiger Woods as their own but he is an American golfer as he plays for the US in the President's Cup.

Michelle was born and raised in Hawaii which makes her a U.S. citizen by birth. Listen to her interviews, she talks like a typical American teenager. Christina Kim is also an American golfer of Korean descent. Why can't some of you tell the difference that they speak "American" with complete sentences and typical American idioms and that they are not Koreans by birth?

So, stop referring to Michelle or Christina as Koreans and stop lumping them together with the other Korean golfers from Korea, which some of you are referring to as the "Korean Conspiracy" and what's with that? Is that akin to the "Yellow Peril?" and if so, that would be very racist.

So, why isn't anybody calling the Australian players on the PGA as the "Australian Conspiracy", oh I get it, they look white and they look like how golf should look like? Yes?


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