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Michelle Wie's performance unmatched, says reader

In regard to the comments to Dot Wong's blog: Name me one other player besides Michelle Wie who has garnered five top-5 finishes in their last five major tournament appearances. It ain't happened in this century folks until Michelle came along.

Currently 180 players are listed in the LPGA stats and after the U.S. Women's Open only five have more top-5 finishes this season than Michelle Wie and most players don't have any top-5 finishes listed.

Believe me there are 170 gals (including Paula Creamer and Morgan Pressel) who would kill to have Michelle's results on the LPGA tour.

This young lady is well on her way to making a million bucks playing part-time professional golf this year. Name me another 16 year old that has done that on any tour.

Take just a moment to just imagine what will happen after her game is fully matured. Now you know how the PGA and LPGA players feel. She is still a work in progress folks.

Hell, I will go out on a limb and say she will take home paychecks from the Deere, Omega and Casio this season if she putts like she did this week.

There are many golfers on tour who will hold a grudge against John Daly after he got Michelle to switch putters. At least the ones behind her on the leaderboard.

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