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Michelle Wie fires caddie and readers respond with different opinions

Michelle Wie
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Michelle Wie will have someone new carrying her bag after caddie Greg Johnston was fired. ()

Following a Women's British Open that saw Michelle Wie finish tied for 26th, it was announced that Wie's caddie Greg Johnston had been relieved of his position. A spokesman for Wie provided this announcement on Tuesday morning:

"Greg Johnston's hard work and dedication made him a great partner for Michelle, as he would be for any other golfer. His departure comes as part of Michelle's maturation as a golfer, part of which is learning from many different bright golf minds. We wish Greg the best, and are sure he will have a long and successful career."

WorldGolf.com readers have had their own comments to make regarding this latest development in the young golfer's career. Here's what two had to say:

Wants to hear Johnston's side

Wie might as well put a revolving door on her golf bag. She'll be one of those players who goes through caddies the way other golfers go through socks. Caddies will want to work for her because her daddy will pay them well and she'll finish high enough that they'll make money, but they'll know their tenure will only last as long as her next bad tournament, misread of a putt, rules infraction or even another DQ. I know it's against caddie etiquette, but I'd like to hear Greg's side of the real inside story of "team Wie."

--Mike Labono

People get fired all the time

People get fired from their jobs all the time. Rarely, anyone tells the real story as there is always two sides to the story. Who knows how Johnston was let go--remember he just got fired so he can say anything and let's wait until if the Wie side has anything to say about this.

Does anybody really know what a good caddy does? No you won't, unless you are a pro golfer who has a caddy, even then, each relationship is different and different players look for different things out of their caddies. Read the recent article about Stevie Williams and his relationship with Tiger Woods. They just happen to fit, but he was let go by Greg Norman earlier. If things don't work, things don't work. Fluff Cowan was let go by Tiger and who knows what the story is there also. Jim Furyk and Fluff seem to work well.

I don't see Michelle wanting anybody's sympathy so who cares if you don't feel sorry for her. She's had a good summer by any standard. And I don't think Michelle is losing sleep because you like her less. No one reallly cares if you like her, dislike her or not feel sorry for her. You take yourself much too seriously.

Puleez, spare us that petty and childish tone to all these blogs about Michelle or anyone else for that matter.

She fired her caddy, which hardly equates to tax evasion or teachers who molest their students. Exemptions are offered to her, she accepts the exemptions, she places in the top five (except for the last tournament), and she does her job. Tell me how does one golfer firing a caddy go straight to teachers who molest students?

You've just insulted people who've really been molested by their teachers, or share holders who have lost investments because of corporate tax evasion and tell me how do you justify what you've written.

She accepts penalties without whining which shows accountability. So now that you like her less, maybe we won't hear from you about Michelle because it's really a waste of your time to be writing about someone you don't like. Write about something or someone that you like.


Any opinions expressed above are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of the management.

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  • Golf Sports Psychology

    Dr. Ricardo Felix wrote on: Dec 27, 2006

    I would like to offer my services as a sports psychologist to Ms. Wie and assist her on getting back to her real game and providing golf counseling in the area of mental strength and winning decision making.
    Thank you,
    Dr. R. Felix, Ph.D.
    Sports Psychologist


      • RE: Golf Sports Psychology

        Joe Cool wrote on: Feb 19, 2016

        The first thing you must do is fire Leadbetter.


      • RE: Golf Sports Psychology

        jason wrote on: Sep 7, 2007

        who r u typing to? lol


          • RE: RE: Golf Sports Psychology

            jason wrote on: Sep 7, 2007

            let vijay loose on her... golf stands for gentlemen only ladies forbidden, what happened, crap!


  • michelle wie age

    ann Schlosser wrote on: Aug 9, 2006

    All I hear about is that her mistakes are understandable because she is just sixteen years old, but is she? I am hearing rumors that she is older than this. Rumors that state, that in the past, every tournament she had to show a birth certificate in she with drew from the tournament. Can you somehow verify if the romors are true or not?


  • Michelle Wie

    MS wrote on: Aug 9, 2006

    She needs to take responsibility for her own play, she hits the ball not her caddie, she is a spoiled little girl who can't even win on the LPGA, what is she thinking tring to play with the Big Boys on the PGA tour. GO home to Hawaii and come back when you have grown up


      • RE: Michelle Wie

        what wrote on: Aug 11, 2006

        She can do whatever she wants including firing her employee. That's part of her responsibility. Get over with it.


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