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Michelle Wie admitted to Stanford and WorldGolf.com readers weigh in

Michelle Wie
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Having been accepted to Stanford, Michelle Wie can cross one life goal off her list. (Courtesy photo)

Since she burst on to the golf scene at just 13 years of age, Michelle Wie has tantalized fans with her potential and her plans. From her PGA Tour exemptions to her stated dreams to play in the Masters and the Ryder Cup, she has also been a magnet for controversy.

She may not have won a professional tournament yet, but she has reached one of her announced goals, winning acceptance to Stanford. While her family celebrates Michelle's matriculation at one of America's elite universities, as occurs in all things Wie, WorldGolf.com readers and commentators have something to say about it.

Michelle Wie deserves congrats

For one, I would like to congratulate Miss Wie for accomplishing another one of her goals.

Stanford, as the third-rated university in the nation, does not admit people for who they are. It takes some great academic credentials to be one of the rare few granted early admission.

Michelle's best friends applied to Harvard and Duke early, so I guess she hangs out with the right crowd, since they were also granted early admission.

I get a kick out of the folks who underestimate the determination of this young lady. To her golf is simply a game (that pays very well) and not the most important thing in life. To her this step into academia is better than winning the U.S. Women's Open.

Michelle's fans need to get used to a 10-event schedule for the next four years. It may be longer if she hangs around for her masters or even a Ph.D.

Nike and Sony are preparing an advertising blitz targeted at college students as I write this.


Wie takes away another student's spot

Looks like, just as in the game of golf, Michelle and her star power have taken another spot away from a probably more-deserving kid out there. She acted as if she was surprised that she got in. Was there ever any doubt? … For those out there who think she got in based on her academic achievement and test scores, all I can say is that it must be nice living in a dream world. I guess if W. can get into Yale anything is possible. ...

Loud and Clear

She'll last three semesters at most

If I was making $20 million a year in winnings and endorsements, why would I stick around? I'm going to guess that she drops out by her third semester (1½ years). You heard it here first.

Bruce Stasch

One more goal down for Michelle

I think Michelle will get through Stanford as she so chooses. The courage she shows in setting her own goals is the attribute I most admire in her. She may choose to complete her work in three years or 10 years. It's her business, not ours.

By the way, anyone who thinks MW got a free pass through the Stanford admissions office has no knowledge of Stanford. These things may happen at Yale - not Stanford.

Way to go Michelle. Check off one goal!

-Get Rheel

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  • Michelle Wie

    Robert Conn wrote on: Aug 21, 2007

    I feel its best for Michelle Wie to focus on classes at Stanford, being that she has lost her focus on golf> She should have thought twice about turning pro, mentalaly she was not even close to being prepared to handle the pressures from the media thu fan expectations. Perhaps lot of her reasons wy she has failed o ake cut after cut after the past LPGA events be can be atributed to her parents who play to much into and are to over involved in her business decisions.They should stay at home in Hawaii an allow their daughter to play the coures on her own and also to stay away form her business decisions.