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Stick to golf, leave immigration reform to the experts

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Reader Mike Mikkelsen believes New Age communist leaders are seeking alliance with Moslem extremists. ()

Re: 'Forget closing the border ...': Please keep your political commentary to yourself. It is not pertinent to the golf world and is miserably uniformed. Many cities and counties in this nation (and soon states) face financial ruin, having been forced to provide services for illegal aliens. Anyone living in this nation needs to be here on a legal basis - anything other than that strains the resources of our nation and cheapens the efforts made by millions to be here legally. It also ignores the fact that a significant terror threat exists from Central and South American devotees of Fidel Castro (i.e Chavez, et al). It is also no secret that these New Age communist leaders are seeking alliance with Moslem extremists. Please stick to golf and leave the world politics to those who have the knowledge.

Mike Mikkelsen
Seattle, Wash.

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  • this is stupid~!!

    Cristina Sanchez wrote on: Oct 29, 2008

    this is so racics


      • RE: this is stupid~!!

        Mike Mikkelsen wrote on: Aug 20, 2009

        Wow, Christina, what a well thought out and cogent comment. But really, if you'd pull your head out of your p.c. infected behind you'd learn a few things. Do some research on Iran, Hugo Chavez, et al al, and you'll discover an entire world of scary scenarios you'd rather ignore. Check out the Chavez/Latino drug gang connections and the connections to the 'Aztec' (i.e. split away the southwest US) movement. People who don't respect/support America and aren't here legally need to be deported. It's time to tighten our border control and make sure that people living in the US are legal residents and citizens who obey the law, pay ALL taxes and aren't working for foreign overthrow of our country.