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Reader says Lorena Ochoa is making the golf world take notice

Lorena Ochoa
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Reader Andy Brown says Lorena Ochoa was a deserving winner at the Samsung World Championship. (Courtesy USGA)

It is a much deserved title for Lorena Ochoa and definitely a laudable effort winning the LPGA Tour's player of the year award two years in a row. There was no real doubt about who was going to win the title this year after she won her seventh title of the year. Most definitely she is the greatest golfer to have come from Mexico.

Looking at the way she came on to the scene after a phenomenal run as an amateur, no one is really surprised at how she is playing. Perhaps the only thing she would like to add to her CV is more victories in the majors and she has made a move on that front with her first LPGA Tour major victory at the Women's British Open this year. She has had as many as 13 top-10 finishes and just one win. She would surely want to change that stat.

Till recently a lot of headlines in women's golf were captured by the likes of Annika Sorenstam and Michelle Wie, but she is one girl who has made the golfing world sit up and take notice and looking at the way Wie's career is headed one can be sure to say that Lorena Ochoa will be visible on the radar of the press on a far more regular basis.

Andy Brown

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  • Ochoa twice player of the year

    hrami2002@yahoo.com wrote on: Oct 17, 2007

    Lorena Ochoa is not only a world champion golf player she is also a noble and humble soul who cares for the less fortunate in Mexico through her foundations. She seems to know she has a higher calling in this life and golf is the vehicle she is using now. She could have been as succesful in any other field but she chose golf.
    Humbleness and richess is the sign of a sage.