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Reader: Lorena Ochoa deserves more respect

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Lorena Ochoa ()

This is in response to Chris Baldwin's column titled "Commentary: Lorena Ochoa stays positive while getting surprisingly little attention":

I bet if Lorena (Ochoa) was blonde and blue-eyed she would get all the coverage in the world. She is the best. America is still treating her like a second class player ... what a shame.

Frank Gutierrez,
by e-mail

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  • All the woman golfers need more respect

    Geraldine Hedgeman wrote on: Oct 24, 2010

    Hello, I think the golfing that these woman do are beautiful although I do have one concern. I believe the golf channel is exposing woman golfers by having them dress in short little skirts. They should be able to dress in pants just like the men. It is disrespectful and it would show woman viewers more respect if the woman golfers were to have pants on. It also would probably make the woman golfers have more respect for themselves if they had on pants. So please, if anyone can do something about this problem, please do:)