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Jim Nantz's worship of Michelle Wie hard to stomach says reader

I turned on the U.S. Women's Open for a few minutes yesterday and caught Jim [Nantz] drinking from the Bubbles Kool-Aid.

[Michelle Wie] had just pulled a 3-wood into trouble and taken a penalty and was about to hit her third shot on a par four. Well, she hit it so obviously fat that she let go of the club and the commentators groaned about how it might not clear the water. However, the ball just barely did so and trundled onto the green, not too far from the pin. This presented Bubbles with the opportunity to save par, which she did.

Now to [Nantz]. He started lauding Bubbles, saying that like Tiger Woods she had that something "special." And I'm at a loss.

Let me get this straight. The girl is famous for choking putts. Then, a horribly struck shot limps over a water hazard and she gets lucky. Then she sinks one good par putt. And she has exhibited something "special" like Woods? I didn't know that Woods crafted his reputation by miss-hitting irons and choking away championships.

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