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Investors like Donald Trump should be welcomed to Scotland, says reader

Old Course at St. Andrews
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While golf courses like the Old Course at St. Andrews show that Scotland has tradition, the country needs to embrace investors, says a WorldGolf.com reader. (Courtesy St Andrews Links Trust)

In response to the WorldGolf.com newsletter story "Good on Scotland for turning away Donald Trump's golf resort and swanky housing," I am sorry to read such a parochial report on this development. I do not have any real interest in this story, but it is remarkable to me that someone wishing to invest in should receive such hostility.

By all means, if the proposal cannot meet planning requirements, then quite rightly the plan should be withdrawn, but the gloating tone and self-righteous comments do nobody any credit whatsoever. This is not a matter of life or death, yet to some it seems even more than that was at stake. I despair at the inward looking attitude we Scot's display at times.

Investors should be welcomed to Scotland and accommodated if possible. If we cannot, as in this case for planning regulations, then we do so as civilized people and not as an angry mob bent on revenge. Unfortunately the tone of this article and subsequent comments suggest how far we still have to go.

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  • Trump Development

    graham wrote on: Jan 2, 2008

    Thank goodness this sort of attitude was not demonstrated when the likes of Cruden Bay and Royal Aberdeen, a venue for a future Walker Cup was built. The eco-warriers do not seem to be that concerned with the coastal errosion that Balgownie has had to endure on part of this coast. A farmer with burned a out tracker resembling something out of Steptoe and Sons backyard should not prevent a compromise that meets environmental and economic sustainability. Problem would appear that like rear ends everyone has an opinion but we have to accept those forced upon us on an "ALL" basis as opposed to common sense prevailing for the good of all.