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Internet doesn't need government monitors

Internet privacy
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Reader Scott Stewart agrees with William K. Wolfrum that the government should not monitor the Internet. (Courtesy photo)

This is in regard to William K. Wolfrum's blog "New House bill will take away all your Internet privacy"

I want to applaud William Wolfrum for speaking about this topic in a Golf forum. Many people would say such talk is out of place, but something as fundamental as our basic privacy deserves to take priority over golf for 4 minutes. Who wants anyone to know our real handicap anyway!

No, Ron Mon, servers do not routinely retain "every bit of information that passes by". They can, and a few may. Most servers DO keep the IP addresses (equivalent to the information on the outside of an envelope) for a few hours or a few months. Likewise for the URL information of websites we travel to - although that practice is no widespread at this time.

But it IS possible to do so, and that is what Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez has been angling for for over a year. Whenever some crisis occurs in the White House, he can be counted on to attempt to divert attention from the current issue by trotting out yet another Save the Children press conference.

The fact is child molestation and such have dramatically declined since 1990. Parents and relatives are by FAR much more likely to molest a child than a complete stranger, recidivism for child molesters is among the lowest for all crimes, there are no satanic ritual abuse cults raping babies.

These are lies used to foment hysteria to scare a population into compliance and government control.

Now Mike has offered the contact information to protest this latest attempt to create Big Brother. CALL THEM!

--Scott Stewart

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