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Golfers celebrate holes in one from Sydney to Dar es Salaam

Golf ball ace
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There's no feeling like going from tee to hole, as golfers tell WorldGolf.com. (Courtesy photo)

Golfers from around the globe flock to WorldGolf.com to tell us about their holes in one. In fact, you'd be amazed at how many countries are represented in our Hole in One Honor Roll.

Here's a look at some stories from golfers around the world who all share one thing in common: the thrill of nailing an ace.

A par-4 ace in Portugal

[The green had] two levels and the flag was placed on the top platform. We saw the ball go up the slope and disappear. Did it go in? When I arrived at the hole I first looked around, I didn't see my ball, I put my hands together, looked up into the sky and said, "It's in" - I went up to the hole and there it was lying magnificently. What a good sensation.

Gilberto Rachão

Oporto Golf Course

Espinho, Portugal

Hole No. 2, 291 yards (par 4), using a driver

Using the wrong club in Wales

[There was approximately] a one-club wind against me and the green was approximately 25 yards above the tee. I only had a half set of clubs in the bag, [which is] why I used a calm, smooth seven-iron.

Roger Lowen

Nefyn & District

Morfa Nefyn, Gwynedd, Wales

Hole No. 5, 130 yards, using a seven-iron

Playing on "browns" no sweat in Tanzania

Since the hole plays on browns (thick, oil-treated sand), the ball (a Dunlop) hit the edge and rolled into the hole.

Kausar Jeraj

D'salaam Gymkhana Club

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Hole No. 17, 110 yards, using a pitching wedge

Bad weather no problem in Kansas

[It was an] elevated tee box to an elevated green, over water, on a 50-degree day, with wind gusts around 15 mph. I choked down on the 11 wood as I usually hit it 160 yards but wanted extra club with the wind. Set up for a draw into the wind gusts and hit it high. About half way over the water, it looked like a good shot, and as it got closer to the green, it got to looking even better.

We saw it land on the green, watched as it bounced, and then heard a loud clunk as it hit the pin. One of my foursome group stated, "I don't see the ball." Then we got to discussing possibilities. We drove to the green and walked up the path to the elevated green, the longest walk a golfer can ever make, and then I told Fred to look in the cup, as I did not want to look. He says, "It's here," and let me remove the ball. I hit a Pinnacle Hot Shot I had found earlier in the week, with a Hooters Logo on the ball, go figure.

Ken Needs

Sugar Valley Lakes

Mound City, Kansas, USA

Hole No. 7, 141 yards, using an 11 wood

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