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Golfers put too much faith in personal trainers, says reader

Annika Sorenstam - lpga star - swing
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A WorldGolf.com reader says Annika Sorenstam's personal trainer may hurt her more than help. (Chris Baldwin/GolfPublisher.com)

Another professional golfer injured while actively training with a "personal trainer." Go figure. It amazes me how so many top pro golfers entrust their livelihood to individuals who have obtained their personal training credentials from a paper test (mostly on the Internet)and in some cases have no educational background in assessing a players musculoskeletal deficits.

I watched the Today Show clip of Annika training at her academy. Here is a woman who had a herniated disk in her neck and back standing against a wall and swinging a 10 pound ball on the end of a rope until it smacks the wall, then repeats that in the other direction at warp speed until it strikes the wall again. Anyone with common sense can see that kind of impact and stress to the mid back and cervical spine would definitely be just the thing to send a weakened disc into herniation.

The PGA, LPGA, and Champions tours have physical therapists from a national company who travel with each tour. Most physical therapists have their doctorate degree and at least five years of education focusing on assessment, rehabilitation, and performance training for athletes. Each pro golfer has the opportunity to work with a highly educated and licensed physcial therapist but instead continues to find someone recommended to them who may have never taken an anatomy course.

Many of the "fitness trainers" listed on The Golf Channel website have no education background other than they were lucky enough to become affiliated with a PGA/LPGA Pro. It just amazes me that so many pro golfers are willing to put their health and career on the line by working with individuals who are so poorly qualified to take care of them.

E. Rozina

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  • Qualified Personal Trainers

    Ruston wrote on: Dec 3, 2008

    If a personal trainer has his/her CSCS, NASM, NCSA in addition to a Titleist Performance Institute - Certified Golf Fitness Instructor certification they should be more than qualified. These trainers will take you through a postural deviation analysis and find weak, tight, and overworked muscles all related to your golf swing and personal anatomy. Companies like www.GolfMuscle.com will not train a golfer without all the proper assessments related to an individuals body. So, "YES" E. Rozina there are CPTs with plenty of knowledge about the anatomy and physiology in relation to the golf swing. You just have to find them, just like finding a good doctor (I've run into tons of terrible ones!)
    Ruston Webb
    Owner, Golf Muscle Personal Training


      • RE: Qualified Personal Trainers

        greg stokes wrote on: Jan 28, 2012

        I must say Rosina that you sure sound like the typical journalist who has not ever worked out physically a day in your life. Action oriented folks who will always be proactive and work hard for their successes. You would insinuate that this is detrimental. How much money have you earned in your career writing? I think Anna has done signifigantly better. Don't be jealous. Winners train and others make excuses.


  • personal trainers

    Marra wrote on: Aug 4, 2008

    Sounds like you need some education of your own. Most personal trainers are highly educated in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition and specific sports exercise; there are of course some out there that aren't any good at what they do, don't continue to educate themselves or keep up with current info, as in any profession; there are good and bad doctors too, chiropractors and massage therapist the injure people every day. Choose wisely. obviously the pros know the benefits of having a trainer, and they're pros. I would follow the pros advice over some ranting fan any day.


      • RE: personal trainers

        Gary w. Pitts wrote on: Feb 3, 2012

        My poor young Aspiring Journalist.
        You have lived a very-sheltered life.
        all of the above comments are spot on.
        Our coaches here in Canada just had the pleasure of
        "training" several of the elite young Golfers and a few of the best Canadian Golf Pos who ever swung a golf club.
        We used the same FMS/TPI paradigm - the same one endorsed by Michelle Wie.
        If you really want to find out what is going on in the
        Golf World. Please contact my mentor, Mr. Gray Cook.www.functionalmovement.com ..He may be in Europe or travelling.so perhaps
        A better idea is to contact Dr. Greg Rose (TPI)
        about the WGFS in Orlando in October 2012.
        You may find that should you attend.. you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about Golf...but were afraid to ask. lol.
        Good Luck.
        Gary W. Pitts,
        Sports & Fitness Lawyer.
        Master Strengthcoach,
        FMS Specialist, TPI C.G.F.I.