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Young golfer in Pennsylvania thrilled to see his father's first hole in one

Ball in Hole
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Paul Bickerton scored his first hole in one, much to the delight of his 18-year-old son, who witnessed it. (Brandon Tucker/Worldgolf.com)

At WorldGolf.com's Hole in One Honor Roll, readers from around the globe come to share their feelings and circumstances surrounding their recent hole in one. While the enthusiasm and excitement of players recalling their ace is palpable, sometimes, a story comes through that's worth highlighting, however.

Such is the story of this young golfer in Pennsylvania, who witnessed his father's first hole in one, and couldn't have been happier. Here's what he had to say about the special moment.

Dad's first hole in one

My father had his first hole-in-one in 30 years of golfing. There are so many stories behind this hole in one that makes it so special.

First off, I was home from college for the weekend and my parents are selling their house, which they are fixing it up to be appraised. So I had to pretty much drag my dad from the housework to the golf course. He finally agreed to go and as we come up to the 6th tee he turns to me (driving the cart) and said "Wait, Tim I thought we were playing from the white tees." I looked over and said "where have you been" and he shrugged his shoulders, laughed and then we proceeded to the black tee.

This par 3 is/was considered to be our "nemesis" (very hard to keep one on the green), but when I stepped up to the tee and stuck it to 12 feet or so, I was pleased and ready to go and try this birdie putt. Then my father stepped up and said, "I hate being right here," so he aimed at the wicked hole and as the ball was in mid-flight I said "you were aiming straight at the hole."

The ball then hit once on the small bank to the right of the hole and then two short hops later it hit the pin and I couldn't see it anymore. I ran to the hole and sure enough it was in the bottom of the cup. We both jumped and cheered; just when I didn't think my dad could be a better dad he did it. He made the ever so coveted hole in one. I love my dad and I just hope that I'm playing with either him or maybe a future son or daughter when/if I get one.

This was the best day of my 18-year life and I know it was one of the best for my father. I don't think I'll stop reminding him how proud of him and how glad I was to be there with him. If you have read this story I hope it brightened your day a little because every time i think of it I am happier.

Paul Bickerton
Dogwood Hills, Claysville, Pa.
Hole No. 6, 173 yards, par 3, using a 7 iron.

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