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Reader rips 'Golf Gear News' podcast for touting knockoff golf clubs

Extremely disappointed in the "Golf Gear News" podcast as it pertains to clones and knockoffs. It implies that these inferior products are the same as PING, TaylorMade, etc. These companies are spending a lot of money to keep this crap off the market and you through your article and podcast support the illegal golf clubs. Very disappointed.

William Smith
Tampa, Fla.

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  • Clones

    Craig wrote on: Nov 12, 2008

    I bought a set of the $1000.00 Callaway clones from a local golfsmith. I recently got a chance to hit the actual clubs. I will admit a slight difference in the actual Callaways and for the better, however, the clones hit very well and at 1/7 of the price, well worth purchase. These clubs hit much better than the $600 clubs that I also tested. I understand where someone would say that clone clubs are not respectable for the industry, but lets be honest, we are paying for high priced advertising paid to professional golfers and prime media time. I also don't see the golf industry truly suffering nor the highly paid CEO's of the companies. So is cloning really an industry problem? I'm thinking it is an individual's problem which simply means it is not my problem.


  • Clones

    Paul Fisher wrote on: Oct 24, 2007

    If people can make golf clubs cheaper than the rip off corporations then let them do it.