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Reader tells golf writer: Lay off Arnold Palmer!

Arnold Palmer waves
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Reader E.J.Brown says it's about time the PGA Tour name an event after Arnold Palmer. (Courtesy: PGA of America)

It's too bad that one who writes articles about golf seems to be so bitter (underneath). The tournament that Alan Katz is referring to, the Bay Hill Invitational, should indeed be named after Arnold Palmer. No doubt he is the one who was directly responsible for getting the PGA Tour to come to Orlando. But, as usual, the writer picks on a negative.

The positive matter of fact is that "Arnold's Tournament" has generated millions of dollars for the Children's Hospital in Orlando. Mr. Palmer is long overdue the respect from the Tour and it's about time Mr. Finchem recognized the fact by naming the tournament after him. If Arnold would have named it 25 years ago you probably would have said that he was pompous and conceited. I fail to see any correlation in this article outside of it being totally out of line!

Sun City, Calif.

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