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WorldGolf.com readers analyze FedEx Cup pros and cons

Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods out muscled the competition to win the FedEx Cup. But some WorldGolf.com readers wonder if it was worth it. (Courtesy USGA)

In a recent WorldGolf.com newsletter, Jeff White wrote his thoughts about the FedEx Cup playoffs in the column "PGA Tour's FedEx Cup was misguided, and the rest of golf's 'season' will suffer."

White wrote that he believed one of the biggest problems with the FedEx Cup was that it would dilute the importance of the final months of the 2007 campaign. WorldGolf.com readers were quick to respond, giving their own thoughts on how the FedEx Cup affected things, and whether or not changes in the PGA Tour's playoff plan will be forthcoming.

The FedEx Cup Facts

A minor point, but the PGA has nothing to do with the FedEx Cup or any other Tour Event. The PGA conducts the Ryder Cup and the PGA Championship. The group responsible for the FedEx Cup is the PGA Tour.

It is easy to bash the FedEx Cup because it does need work. However:

Fact 1 - It produced the best fields of any four-week stretch that did not include a major.

Fact 2 - It increased the income of the PGA Tour and the players that own the Tour.

Fact 3 - It increased national coverage of the PGA Tour compared to what existed before the FedEx Cup.

Fact 4 - The inaugural FedEx Cup was more popular with the public and media than the first US Open, or first British Open or first PGA Championship or first Masters.

Fact 5 - The 2007 FedEx Cup attracted the best field, created more fan interest and generated more revenue for the PGA Tour than any tournament conducted by the PGA Tour in 2007. Maybe more than any Tournament in the history of the PGA Tour.

There are things to improve, but the 2007 FedEx Cup was a major improvement for the PGA Tour, the PGA Tour's players and the PGA Tour's fans. That is why I expect fewer changes than some critics would suggest.



Bravo and Amen to your comments on the premature climax to the 2007 golf season. What a slam to the remaining events. Although it will be interesting, maybe not exciting, who makes the top 125 and keeps or earns their card.

Joel Jackson

Maybe next time

You are right on target about when they had the series and when they should have had the series. Plus, did anyone out there think that if you have a tournament point system that Tiger wouldn't end up with the most points. He just about always makes the cut and he rarely finishes out of the top ten. The PGA needs to seriously go back to the drawing board and hopefully get it right the next time.

Frank H. Parker


I think there are some good comments bout tweaking the FedEx Cup here but after some thought I have to take a more cynical view which it is pretty hopeless. The money made between endorsements and tournaments render the top dogs so wealthy that they have nothing to prove or incentive to play, bragging rights is not going to work here. If the world ranking, Vardon Trophy, etc were riding on it then maybe.

I think the whole thing was a waste of time. The Tour championship has been in decline for years. These guys are just not hungry enough in my honest opinion. Maybe I am wrong here and there is a way to do this ... just not sure what that is except deduct points for missing tournaments, not just failing to award points and require the op players to play in a weighted set of tournaments not just act as independent contractors as they do now. The class system is present in the PGA.

Doug W.

Never meaningless

I am a golf fan. There is no such thing as a "meaningless tournament." Just because Tiger isn't playing doesn't make it less interesting. The Turning Stone event this past weekend was one of the best of the year. Maybe Tiger makes it less meaningful. Is that possible?

Dick Rocchio

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  • FedEx Cup

    Kevin C wrote on: Oct 2, 2007

    So let me see if I remember...the Cup was for a 10 mil annuity to be decided by a Tour Championship tournament to be decided by the lowest 72 hole score of the final 30 pros. Did the the 30th entry have a chance of winning the FedEx if he won the Tour Championship? No. It wouldn't surprise me if the final 30 had an agreement to split the 10 mil like the old pros from my youth that always agreed to split playoff winnings.