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Consecutive aces mean this happy golfer isn't changing shirts

holes in ones
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One ace is cool enough - but two in two days? A WorldGolf.com reader recently lived that dream. (Courtesy photo)

It was an unusually warm day, so me and several of my golf buddies decided to try and play a round of golf at Joe Louis Golf Course in Riverdale, Ill. Although it was raining pretty steady, we are "die hard" golfers and were determined to play at least nine holes.

I was the first person to tee off and I had a pretty good look at the green. I decided to use a 9-iron. I can't honestly say that I did anything special, except that when I swung, I could tell that it was a pretty good shot.

It was like sweet poetry - it went straight down the fairway, landed about six inches from the hole and rolled in! I coudn't believe it - especially since I got ANOTHER hole in one the day before!

I have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming! I will wear this shirt every time I golf now!

Eric C. Guiden
Joe Louis Golf Course
Riverdale, Ill.
Hole No. 8, 135 yards, using a 9-iron

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