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Local says Ashwood Golf Course in Apple Valley, California is no pushover

Ashwood Golf Course
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Ashwood Golf Course in Southern California may be a short course, but one WorldGolf.com reader says that doesn't make it easy. (Josh Reynolds/GolfPublisher.com)

In regards to the course review "Ashwood Golf Course a pleasant round of golf in Apple Valley, Calif." Being a long hitter does not guarantee success at Ashwood.

We use it as a home course for high school matches and consistently watch top junior golfers shaking their heads wondering why they can't seem to eat it up. With no par fives, you end up trying to drive par fours and getting awkward pitches from around the green.

In 14 years the course record is still at seven under. Many seemingly tougher courses have lower scores shot more often. Seniors love being able to reach all of the holes.

Bob Catherwood
Hesperia, Calif.

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