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Better golf clubs hit better golf shots

Karl FischerBy Karl Fischer,
Golf clubs - a good fit
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A good fitting set of golf clubs will improve your play on the golf course. (Courtesy of Aron Kremer)

There are two basic aspects to this wonderful game of golf -- the equipment and the person.

To get the best out of the combination, we need to trust our clubs and trust our swings. If we’re not doing both comfortably, our games will be compromised.

Swing analysis with a respected and proven professional leads more swing consistency.

Computerized club analysis determines the quality of your equipment. Don't presume that your clubs are right. Commonly they are consistent in length, loft, lie, swing weight, frequency, duration and symmetry. The size of your clubs directly determines performance and comfort.

If you don't have consistent clubs across your bag, how in the world are you going to play consistently? Shooting great golf and scoring well is a lifelong journey. Use good tools.

Karl Fischer has spent some 35-plus plus years teaching golf nationally and internationally earning the title of "IGAD-Doctorate," "CIMTP-Certified International Master Teaching Professional," "CMCB-Certified Master Club-Builder" and "CGC-Certified Golf Clinician." He has written six golf books, thousands of editorials, tips, "Bullet-Proof Drills" and much more. He can be reached at KF@555golf.com or by phone at (817) 673-8888.

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