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Changing your 'swing thought' will help your game

Karl FischerBy Karl Fischer,
Golf swing - trigger word sequence
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A slight alteration of your "trigger word sequence" can reduce your tendency to slice of fade the ball. (Nick Serrata/EclipseSportsWire.com)

Remembering your "trigger word sequence," the words that help you make your smooth swinging-the-clubhead moves right to the target:

3 o'clock ... sweep ... and ... see it ... pin.

Well, the slicing rotation that we put on the golf ball generally comes from a clubhead path that travels from outside the target line behind the ball to inside this line after impact. In other words, the clubface cuts the ball and spins it clockwise, making it work off line to the right (for right handers). The ball curves to the right ... sometimes the "banana" right?

Try this simple alteration. lnstead of saying 3 o 'clock, looking and hitting the ball right on the butt, say "4 o'clock" so that you look inside and under the ball -- more at its hip.

With your eye on this point, your hand-eye coordination will work the clubhead inside and through. You will have less tendency slicing or fading from here.

Hope this helps and makes your game more fun.

Karl Fischer has spent some 35-plus plus years teaching golf nationally and internationally earning the title of "IGAD-Doctorate," "CIMTP-Certified International Master Teaching Professional," "CMCB-Certified Master Club-Builder" and "CGC-Certified Golf Clinician." He has written six golf books, thousands of editorials, tips, "Bullet-Proof Drills" and much more. He can be reached at KF@555golf.com or by phone at (817) 673-8888.

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