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Want to improve your golf game? Don't forget proper preparation

Karl FischerBy Karl Fischer,
Golf tip: Proper alignment
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Keep your feet under your armpits or, for your driver, as wide as just outside your shoulders. (Kellie Stenzel/WorldGolf.com)

Remember that you should devote 70 percent of your time to properly getting ready and 30 percent to execution. Just watch the pros. Don't hurry.

Stance: Keep your feet under your armpits or, for your driver, as wide as just outside your shoulders. The longer the club the wider the stance or the bigger the pedestal. Feel the balance and swing in balance.

Brace foot (that's the push foot): Keep it square to the target line, which is the straight line center ball to center of the cup.

Target foot (that's the one closest to the flag): Point it about 20 percent to 25 percent "pinnish." This will let you open the swinging door easily toward the pin and finish fully tall in comfort.

Seniors and golfers with articulation (joint) problems might even turn more to reduce or eliminate what we in the teaching profession call a "foot block," so much tightness in the hip, knee and ankle that you cannot turn all the way to the target and finish.

What are we talking about? Here is one of our very fundamental 3 Cs: comfort! If it does not feel comfortable in golf, it is likely not correct.

Alignment: I am a foot fetishist, and you would be well-served to pay attention to your feet. They are the foundation of your good swing. The line through your toes (brace foot to target foot) should point down the middle of the fairway to the pin. Aim your gunsight to the quarter. There are some foot variations, but this is a safe rule.

Aim your feet in balance and comfort. It will work.

Karl Fischer has spent some 35-plus plus years teaching golf nationally and internationally earning the title of "IGAD-Doctorate," "CIMTP-Certified International Master Teaching Professional," "CMCB-Certified Master Club-Builder" and "CGC-Certified Golf Clinician." He has written six golf books, thousands of editorials, tips, "Bullet-Proof Drills" and much more. He can be reached at KF@555golf.com or by phone at (817) 673-8888.

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