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See the ball, hit the ball (part two)

Karl FischerBy Karl Fischer,
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Where are your eyes fixed on the golf ball as you line to hit? Try 3'oclock – the spot at which your club strikes the ball. (Courtesy of Dan Boever)

To continue with the previous topic, how do we see the ball properly? This question might seem too simple. After all, we have been seeing all of our lives, and, for some of us older strikers, our eyes have worked quite well, thank you very much.

Bear with me for a moment, because this is possibly the most important moment you may spend in learning golf skills.

Take a moment to try this: Set up to strike a real ball, holding a real golf club.

When you feel ready to pull the trigger, define precisely where you are looking at the ball. OK, where? At the name and number that you fastidiously placed on top at 12 o'clock, right? If so, you have a lot of company. Three-quarters of all North American golfers look at the top of the ball.

Where does every club in your bag strike the golf ball? At 3 o'clock on its backside.

It's hand-eye coordination: Look at the top, you'll strike the top.

If you want to kick its butt, look at its pants.

Karl Fischer has spent some 35-plus plus years teaching golf nationally and internationally earning the title of "IGAD-Doctorate," "CIMTP-Certified International Master Teaching Professional," "CMCB-Certified Master Club-Builder" and "CGC-Certified Golf Clinician." He has written six golf books, thousands of editorials, tips, "Bullet-Proof Drills" and much more. He can be reached at KF@555golf.com or by phone at (817) 673-8888.

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