Tim Clark Tim Clark, Tiger Woods discuss a rainy start to PGA's Tour Championship

Rain and stormy weather caused the postponement of round one of the Tour Championship, with many golfers, including Tiger Woods, still on the course. The wet weather also helped cause some great scoring, as Tim Clark burst through the gates early to shoot an 8-under 62 to take the lead at the final FedEx Cup playoff tournament.

Low scores and bad weather were the things on everyone's mind after opening Thursday at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. Here's what Clark and Woods had to say of an intriguing start to the Tour Championship.

Tim Clark

Q. We welcome Tim Clark in to the interview room. Tim, with an 8-under par 62 today. Maybe just talk a little bit about the round.

TIM CLARK: Yeah, I think just overall throughout the round I played well. Having a good Sunday round last week I had a bit of confidence. You know, I didn't play a practice round this week, I've just sort of shown up and come to play, and I guess it worked out.

Yeah, I didn't expect much, but I went out and got the speed of the greens really early and was able to make some putts.

Q. Why no practice round?

TIM CLARK: I was tired (smiling).

Q. You say you didn't expect much. Because you hadn't practiced?

TIM CLARK: Well, I had not been on the course. I wasn't quite sure in what conditions the green were. For me it was all about getting here this week, and I think once I was here, a bit more relaxed, and that's probably why I've been able to shoot the round I did today.

Q. Padraig was just in here, and he said the course didn't change that much before and after the rain delay. Do you agree with that?

TIM CLARK: Yeah, it didn't actually. I thought the greens would be really a lot softer than they were this morning. It didn't change that much, just the fairways weren't running out quite as much. Yeah, the course held up pretty good.

Q. How is your neck doing? How much time did you miss this year due to your neck?

TIM CLARK: I think I missed probably five tournaments, four or five, that I would have played. You know, it's been doing okay, and obviously it's been a big stretch this last month and a half. Obviously after this week we'll take some time off.

Q. Do you remember where you were heading into the FedEx Cup four in the points off the top of your head?

TIM CLARK: I was like 35 or 36.

Q. So you had to rally to get here?

TIM CLARK: I think I went to 31 after Westchester, then I missed the cut at Boston and fell to 33rd and then moved up to 27th.

Q. Three hours is a long rain delay. What did you guys do to stay fresh?

TIM CLARK: We just sat around, really, and chatted. Not really a whole lot you can do. Yeah, it was tough to -- I think we only got about half an hour to get ready once they told us the range was open. Again, I wasn't sure how I would come out and start my round off again, but I got off to a good start -- I was in the middle of the fairway on 12 and hit it to about two inches there, so got back into it again.

Tiger Woods

Q. A couple quick comments. You started out, got on the 1st hole, came back in, and now you are at 4-under through 11.

TIGER WOODS: Well, I made a couple putts. I don't know how. I hit them up there and they bounced all over the place and somehow went in.

Q. How about the conditions out there when you went back out?

TIGER WOODS: They were soft, and the greens were interesting (laughing).

Q. When you made the one at the 3rd, can you just talk about that?

TIGER WOODS: That putt was bouncing all over the place. It bounced to the right, I thought I missed it; then it bounced left, I thought I was going to miss it left, and then somehow it wiggled back to the right up the hill and it went in.

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September 14, 2007

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