After PGA Championship win, Tiger Woods talks of history, the Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods pulled away to win the 2006 PGA Championship at Medinah. It was major victory No. 12 for Woods and the 51st PGA victory of his illustrious career. The win put Woods past Walter Hagen for career majors, trailing only Jack Nicklaus.

Here's what Woods had to say about his chase of the Golden Bear, as well as the upcoming Ryder Cup:

Tiger Woods

Question: I think we're not able to compare you to anybody else in the game. A lot of people are already giving you Jack's record in the majors. But one name that still comes up is Michael Jordan.

Tiger Woods: M.J. was amazing, he really was. We were just playing back home in Florida, he came down and he watched his son play some AU basketball down there and he played at Isleworth. We have an indoor basketball hoop in the clubhouse, so M.J. was in there shooting and showing me some stuff. M.J. is still M.J.

It was just neat to have him, when I came out on Tour, basically befriend me and pull me under his wing and say "this is the way life is going to be out here if you achieve the things you want to achieve. These are the things you're going to have to deal with."
To have that kind of friend who's been through it all, where I could talk to him any time about any subject is pretty neat. Not too many people have an opportunity like that, but I was very lucky to have him as a friend because I grew up admiring him and what he was able to do with his mind and body and the way he was able to lead.

He was absolutely phenomenal. Then as I got to know him as a person, it's been even better.

Q. You told us years ago the fact that you'd tape Nicklaus' records on the wall when you were a kid. Well, you're approaching him now, become No. 2 in majors. Can you discuss that, and is that 18 majors now like the big goal now that you've done everything else?

Tiger Woods: Well, it's still a long way away. It's not something I could get next year. You know, as I said, it took Jack over 20 years to get to his. It's going to take a career, and I've just got to keep plugging along and keep trying to win these things.

These are the most fun events to play in, the major championships. I just thoroughly enjoy coming down the stretch on the back nine with a chance to win it. That's why I practice as hard as I do and what I live for. That to me is the ultimate rush in our sport is on that back nine on Sunday with a chance to win a major championship.

To answer your question, I've still got a long way to go. 18 is a pretty big number.

Q. I think we all know what the four major championships mean to you, but I think we're less clear on what the Ryder Cup means to you. Could you talk about that?

Tiger Woods: We're going to have some rookies on the team. I don't know what Tom is going to do on his picks, but we're excited to get over there. I've played The K Club a number of times, being over there right before the British and fishing and playing golf. If they set it up like they did at the European Open last year, it'll be a pretty tough setup because they had the rough extremely high and the scores weren't very good. We'll see.

We're excited about getting over there and trying to win the Cup and trying to bring it back home.

Q. Has the Ryder Cup become more important to you in the last few years?

Tiger Woods: Well, it's always been important. It's just that I haven't always played well (laughter). And on top of that, when I did play well, sometimes the guys just outplayed me. That's the way it works out in match play, especially when you have partners. Anything can happen with those partners because you go out there and you can shoot a good number and still get beat.

Tiger Woods talks about his 2006 PGA Championship victory

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August 23, 2006

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