Tiger Woods Tiger Woods talks about Buick Open win

Using four consecutive scores of 66, Tiger Woods became the youngest golfer to reach 50 career PGA victories, as he held off Jim Furyk and a host of others to win the Buick Open.

With the victory, Woods now tops the money list with more than $5 million earned thus far this year, and is also tops in scoring average as he makes his push for yet another Vardon Trophy, as well as Player of the Year honors. Here's what the world's No. 1 golfer had to say following his victory in his first start out after winning the British Open, which was his 11th career major.

Tiger Woods

Question: Congratulations, Tiger, on your monumental 50th career PGA TOUR win here at the Buick Open, your second win here, four rounds of 66.

Tiger Woods: Thank you. It was a nice number to get stuck on. You knew that starting out the week, with as soft as it was, you're going to have to shoot something 20 plus to have a chance and it ended up being just that, 20 under par finished third.

The golf course was playing soft. It could be had. The par 5s were reachable. The balls were hitting soft, so you could be pretty aggressive, fire at just about every flag, which I think all of us did this week.

Q: You've hit a lot of milestones in your career, you're now the youngest player to reach 50 victories, topping Jack, what does that mean for you?

Tiger Woods: Well, that's very fortunate. I've had a lot of just really wonderful things happen to me on Tour in my career so far on Tour in 10 years, been very blessed. Started out my career just hoping to get my card and I was able to do that, and lo and behold, I got on a nice little run there.It's been just a great ride, really.

Q: You set a personal best with 28 birdies this week. Talk about that.

Tiger Woods: Well, you needed every bit of it, too, because as I said, this golf course was not playing difficult this week. You had to make a bunch of birdies. You couldn't afford to let up, and I played pretty aggressive all week firing at the greens. I was fortunate to make enough putts. I made a lot of putts from 15 feet and in. Winning golf tournaments, that's what you have to do.

Q: It's been such an extraordinary year for you this year, so much going on, you always say you love winning events and you've won four of them now, how surprised or amazed are you that missing as much of the season that you have, that you're in this form now that you are?

Tiger Woods: Well, I just felt that I count three, I won Dubai early this year, so I won three prior to Augusta, and I played just really well at Augusta, and I didn't putt well, especially on Sunday. I just figured if I could just keep improving on that, I'd have a pretty good summer.

Things happened and I didn't play for a while, didn't play well at the U.S. Open at all. But went back to the drawing board and my practice sessions were so good going into the U.S. Open, but I didn't put it together during the tournament.

Then at the Western, I got it going from there, and I've been building ever since.

Q: Two weeks ago you win the British Open, an incredibly emotional time, and had you come here not playing so well and had a letdown, it would have been understandable in some people's eyes. Just talk about the pride you have showing up two weeks later and capitalizing with another victory.

Tiger Woods: You enter a golf tournament to win. There's no reason to enter if that's not the belief that you have. I came here to win a golf tournament. I was in the golf tournament. Hence, I came here to win it. I was fortunate enough to get it done.

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August 7, 2006

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