Michelle Wie Michelle Wie struggles with 82 in opening round of U.S. Women's Open

Few struggled as much as Michelle Wie in Thursday's opening round of the 2007 U.S. Women's Open at Pine Needles.

It seemed to go bad for Wie from the start, and the 17-year-old shot 44 on the back nine, including a six-over-par run over her last five holes to finish with an 82. Now, she is in danger of missing the cut for the first time in a major championship in fifteen tries and sits behind all but two other players.

Relations between Wie and fellow LPGA Tour players continues to be frosty since her controversial withdrawal from Ginn Tribute last month, where she cited a wrist injury. Wie followed that up by finishing dead last at the LPGA Championship a week later. Now, after a few weeks off, Wie's wrist appears to be fine, but her confidence is shaky.

Here is what she had to say to reporters.

Michelle Wie

Q. Just talk about how you feel after the round?

MICHELLE WIE: I really feel frustrated because it was just, it's frustrating because my score is not displaying how I'm playing at all. I don't feel like I shot the score, I felt like I made a lot of great scrambles out there, but was really shaky off the tee. And it's just frustrating because I know I'm a better player than this and the score's not showing it.
I just have to work at it and work on my tee shots. The last couple were really good and I just work on the positives and play lights out tomorrow. Because I know I can.

Q. How are you feeling physically?

MICHELLE WIE: I have to say I was a little bit hot today. A little bit tired. Definitely going to rest until tomorrow's afternoon round. But feeling pretty good.

Q. How about the left wrist?

MICHELLE WIE: It's doing a lot better. Fortunately, it didn't bother me as much today. I have my good days and bad days and it's just a work in progress.

Q. The scores are pretty high for everyone, is the course that difficult?

MICHELLE WIE: It's very sneakily tough. The greens are pretty crazy. But it's a good golf course. It's a great U.S. Open golf course and I think the USGA did great job picking out this one.

Q. When you walked off nine after making the birdie you seemed to have a bounce in your step. Were you kind of feeling like you were about to turn in a pretty good score at that point.

MICHELLE WIE: I felt pretty good. Like I said, the score did not display my game at all. Because I just was really shaky off the tee. But I felt pretty solid after that. Just a couple missed shots. But it was really frustrating because I really don't feel like I shot this high.

Q. What do you feel is missing with the tee ball?

MICHELLE WIE: I guess it's just not playing for a long time. You just forget what to think when you're on the tee. I just need to feel, I need to play through this. There's really nothing else I can do.
My swing feels pretty sound right now. It's just, off the tee, I just need to get the right thought in my head and just hit it and trust it.

Q. What thought did you have?

MICHELLE WIE: I was trying to figure it out. I was still in the figuring out process. I still haven't got it, obviously. So I was just trying different things to see which one works out and whichever works out I just stuck with it. From the 15th hole I just stuck with the shot that I liked.

Q. What's the purpose of the preshot drill where you're kind of stepping through?

MICHELLE WIE: It's forcing me into trusting my shot. Because right now all I need is the confidence to play well. And I just need to see one round where all my shots are where I want them to be. And then after that it's a done deal. I just need to see it. I need to see it and trust it and I just need the confidence.

Q. When you come off a tough round like that is it sort of nice to have some friends out there with you?

MICHELLE WIE: Yeah, it was great. We were just joking around about how the last time the three of us played together was four years ago at the Kraft Nabisco, which is my first Major. And it was we were just laughing about it, about all the stuff that went on that week.
And it was a lot of fun. They're just really two great players and I think that they did fabulous. We had a really nice time, they're really nice people.

Q. To rebuild confidence does it take nine holes or does it take around, a week, what?

MICHELLE WIE: I'm not really sure. When I feel confident, I will feel confident. I just need to see the ball go where I want it to. And just to trust the ball that it will go somewhere in North Carolina, not, you no, and it will be awesome. I just need to trust it. Because right now my swing feels solid, short game feels pretty good, I was putting great today. Just need to see a shot to go where I want it to.

Q. Are you in like a state of shock at all when you realize you're hitting another high score and you don't know where it came from?

MICHELLE WIE: It is shocking. It's shocking because it doesn't display how I played. It's very frustrating because I know I played better than this. It's just a very fine line between shooting 69 and shooting what I shot today. And it's a couple strokes here, a couple strokes there.
And like I said, once I trust myself and once I have confidence again, I think it's a done deal.

Q. Have you ever felt this way?

MICHELLE WIE: No, I haven't. But there's a first time for everything. And it's how you get through it that make as player.

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June 28, 2007

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