K.J. Choi went wire-to-wire to win the 2008 Sony Open. K.J. Choi talks about his Sony Open triumph in Honolulu

The windy conditions at Waialae Country Club and a late charge by Rory Sabbatini still couldn't stop K.J. Choi from scoring a wire-to-wire victory at the Sony Open in Honolulu. Choi, 37, struggled with the conditions and ended his tournament with a one-over 71, but never lost the lead as he won a PGA Tour event for the fourth consecutive year.

Choi earned a paycheck of $954,000 for his seventh PGA Tour victory. Here's what Choi had to say after his win:

K.J. Choi

Q. Tough day, but you got the job done. Just a couple general opening comments.

K.J. CHOI: I can't remember having such a difficult round as far as I can remember as today. It was very difficult conditions out there. I told myself, try not to lose focus. I really think the Lord helped me, making me feel comfortable.

Q. At what point were you nervous out there?

K.J. CHOI: With strong winds out there today, it was very hard to make decisions, and actually every shot out there was difficult, was risky, because you never knew where the ball would go. But I think after when I made that three-putt that really woke me up. It was kind of like a medicine.

Q. What do you mean by that?

K.J. CHOI: It woke me up and said, you know what, I have to hang in there, not fall apart. It motivated me.

And I believe you could maybe find this out for sure, but I believe today marks the 105th anniversary of the Korean immigration. Today was the day that we first came over to Hawaii 105 years ago. For me to win this tournament on this special day really means a lot. I think that's why with all the support, all the fan support out there, it made it that much more special.

Q. Did you have any kind of sense of what was going on behind you or in front of you, how all the challengers were doing?

K.J. CHOI: You know, I really didn't know what was going on with the other players. You can tell, the conditions out there just didn't keep me in the right mind. I mean, I was fighting hard to stay in focus myself. No, I really couldn't spare to think about what they were doing out there.

Every shot was tough, and I was just trying to make every shot - just keep it safe. So that was pretty much what was going on today.

Q. Four years in a row winning, I think only Tiger, Vijay and Phil have done that. Do you feel like you're kind of in that class? Do you feel comfortable being affiliated with them?

K.J. CHOI: That's a very interesting fact that I didn't know. But again, I'm not really concerned about things like that because I just found out, but I achieved it because I didn't think about it. It was all through hard work. And all I can do right now is just try my best and just try to fill this empty cup that's out there, keep on filling it up.

There's a lot of improvements that I need to make, and all I can say is I'll just keep on trying my best.

Transcipt provided by ASAP Sports.

January 14, 2008

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