So John Daly can't swing if a camera goes off...well then lets add air horns, chanting and streakers. John Daly talks about the British Open, his book and his game

Prior to the Deutsche Bank Players Championship of Europe, fan-favorite John Daly sat down with the press to discuss his performance at the 2006 British Open, his new book and a host of other things.

John Daly

Question: Last week at the Open a good week apart from the last hole. Just reflect on your week at Hoylake.

John Daly: Yeah, I mean, I just got off to a really, really bad start both days, five back and got it to 2 under. We had a 15-, 20-minute wait on 18. Eighteen never really set up for me, whether it was an iron or 3 wood or driver, so I figured I'd just try and hit driver left like all the other guys talked about in the locker room and stuff. The wind was blowing out of the left.

I heeled it and hit it out of bounds. I thought, that's all right, the cut is probably going to be 1 under. I hit the 3 wood, toed it out of bounds again, so it's just one of those fluke things.

I haven't putted great this year, and I finally started to putt a lot better, made some key putts to get me back to 2 under. You look at it as a positive thing, hitting the ball really well and putting better. I've just got to bring it here.

Q: It was an interesting week. Tell us about the appearance at the Cavern Club nightclub.

John Daly: Yeah, you see the history of rock n roll sort of, home of the Beatles, and all the acts that have played there and the history behind it, the John Lennon wall, the tee shirt, the famous tee shirt. They're going to put me a brick on the John Lennon wall and my name on the tee shirt.

Q: You were there to promote the book, which is going well.

John Daly: Yeah, the book is going well. We introduced it to Europe, and now we've got to hit the Asian market pretty soon, too.

Q: What's the performance of the book in the United States so far? What's the reaction of the people in the community?

John Daly: It's been received pretty well. I mean, it's been in the top been on the bestseller list for this will be the 13th week in a row that we had it out, so it's doing real well.
Q: Looking ahead to this week, the course here, are you looking forward to playing here?

John Daly: Yeah, it's a totally different golf course. It was a monsoon last year, it was raining so much. This year it's going to be harder to keep the ball in the fairway a little bit because the ball was kind of plugging a little bit last year. Here you can hit a few of the fairways right in the middle of the fairway and it's going to end up in the rough because it's so dry.

And the greens are perfect again as they were last year. It's going to play a lot shorter, but it's just like I said, the ball is going to roll a lot further. The trouble was kind of out of the way last year because it was a little wet.

Q: How was your preparation to handle with this weather?

John Daly: I'm used to it. This is not that hot compared to where I'm from. It's a lot hotter and more humid in Memphis, Tennessee, and Arkansas right now than here.

Transcripts provided by ASAP Sports.

July 31, 2006

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