Tiger Woods is confident, carrying a lead into the final round of the PGA Championship at Southern Hills. Tiger Woods, Stephen Ames talk about PGA Championship final-round pairing

Tiger Woods shot a 1-under-par 69 Saturday to increase his lead heading into the final round of the PGA Championship. At 7-under par, Woods is three shots up on Stephen Ames, who is alone in second place. Woody Austin is alone in third place, four shots back.

Woods is looking to win his 13th career major and is 12-0 when going into the final round of major with at least a share of the lead. In his career, Woods has never lost a tournament when leading by more than one shot after three rounds.

Here's what Woods and Ames had to say after the third round.

Tiger Woods

Q. Tiger, thoughts on your play today, please.

TIGER WOODS: Well, I accomplished my goal today. My goal was to shoot under par and increase my lead. And I was able to do that today. So positive day all around.

Only made one bogey today, which was good. And really kept myself out of trouble most of the day. Just try to keep hitting fairways and put the ball in the center of the greens and lag putt well. Try not to leave myself a second putt. The greens aren't very smooth out there.
So never really tried to take a run at any putts to try to lag them up there and hopefully tap them in.

Q. Tiger, how much more difficult was the golf course set up today and do you think it was in reaction to your 63 yesterday or was it a typical Saturday at a major championship?

TIGER WOODS: You know, it's going to be difficult. The pins were tucked a little bit. But all in all it wasn't - I mean probably couldn't shoot the numbers that some of the guys were shooting, 4-, 5-, 6-under par the first two days. Mainly because I think the greens aren't very smooth. Scotty and I were talking about that out there today, you just don't want to leave yourself a second putt. Lot of spike marks out there.

Q. Some players were talking about how the trouble they usually get into is trying to protect a lead, maybe trying not to back up to other people and being a little too conservative. Why is it you don't seem to fall under the same trap?

TIGER WOODS: Maybe I have had experience winning. I know what to do when I'm in that situation. I know what it takes.

And there's a certain feel that you get out there that you can understand what the guys could do and capable of doing on the back nine, the round, how the wind's blowing. You just get a certain feel for what the number's going to be that day. And a lot of times, a lot of times I've called the number and I've been pretty good on it.

Q. Tiger, for virtually anyone else on Tour, finishing two majors in a year is a great year for them. You made it perfectly clear the other day that's not an acceptable year for you. How important is it to win this one now?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I've always said in order to have a great year you have to win a major championship. You can win every tournament, but the majors are where it's at. And this year I've had some opportunities to deal with this. I haven't done it. I'm in good shape going into tomorrow and hopefully I can get it done tomorrow.

Q. Ernie Els was in here earlier and he said not as a competitor, but if he's a guy on the couch, it's over. The creation of that mystique, what that does to the field, how do you characterize that advantage?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I think it's experience. I've played a lot of tournaments starting at a very young age. And I've had to deal with that pressure before. And I've lost a lot of tournaments. But I've also won my share as well. And you learn. You learn what it takes.

As I said earlier about getting a feel for what the number may be, I think that comes with a lot of experience. And knowing what to do when you're out there in that situation. And you get a feel for what you need to do and luckily I've been able to get it done.

Stephen Ames

Q. Stephen, obviously it's been a while, but a lot was made of your comments at the Match Play about Tiger. I see you rolling your eyes?

STEPHEN AMES: Are we here at the PGA Championship or are we here at the Match Play? Which one are we talking about?

Q. What I'd like to ask you is, you've said it was out of context. Can you just, for the record, say what it was that you meant to say in the first place and why it was out of context?

STEPHEN AMES: I don't know if I want to go there because you might take it out of context again. So we'll leave it at that. Next question.

Q. Steve, is this a nothing-to-lose situation tomorrow since everybody expects him to win anyway?

STEPHEN AMES: Yes, of course, without a doubt. For me I'm happy to be in the situation. I had a great round in the U.S. Open, second to the last group going there. Here I'm at the PGA Championship in another major and I'm in the last group going out again. For me it's a great opportunity of being in the situation. Gives me the experiences of being in this opportunity and this experience. And Tiger's looking for his 13th. I'm looking for my first.

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August 12, 2007

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