Tiger Woods tore up Southern Hills Country Club for a 63 on Friday.
Tiger Woods talks about his record-tying 63 at the PGA Championship in Tulsa

Tiger Woods blew away Southern Hills Country Club on Friday, firing a 7-under 63 to take a two-shot lead heading into the weekend at the PGA Championship. Woods tied the all-time mark for low score in a major, with a putt lipping out on the final hole that would have given him the record alone.

Woods is 7-0 in his remarkable career when he has the 36-hole lead going into the weekend at a major as he tries to score his 13th career major triumph. Scott Verplank is two shots back of Woods heading to the weekend, while Stephen Ames and Geoff Ogilvy are three shots back at 3-under.

Here's what Woods had to say following his brilliant second round in Tulsa, Okla.

Tiger Woods

Q. Tiger, congratulations on what had to be a pretty special day.

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, thank you. It was the ideal start today. I was 3-under through 5 and it just turned. I hit some nice shots out there today. And probably the nice putt I made on 12, that was a big putt after hitting two shots stiff up to 9 and 10 and hit a good one at 11 and then put one in the bunker there and made about a 35-footer there for par.

Q. How special would that have been to have shot 62, and also did this make a statement for you this year? Was that a statement round for the season you've had this year?

TIGER WOODS: (Smiling) No, I was just trying to get myself back in this tournament. And lo and behold, here I am. 62 would have meant I had a three-shot lead instead of a two-shot lead.

Q. Tiger, amid all the allegations that Southern Hills was a Tiger tamer, how did it feel to put that to rest and also how did that last ball not go in?

TIGER WOODS: As far as the first part, I finished 12th in the U.S. Open. It's really not that bad. And my dad had a heart attack, was placed in the hospital in '96. So those are my two appearances. I really can't say it's really that bad.

But as far as that last putt, I was trying to make it. And I hit it a little bit firm and I thought I made it, because it was breaking at the end. I knew it broke a lot more at the end than at the beginning. Started diving. Evidently didn't want to go in.

Q. Digression a little bit. There was a memorial service for Bill Walsh today at Candlestick/Monster Park. They read a telegram from you during the ceremonies, and I just - you've discussed before, you and Walsh had sort of a special arrangement, you knew each other when you were going there and he sort of advised you. Could you discuss that just a little bit?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, Coach was - he was still the coach my freshman year. And he was in there all the time. It was an honor, it really was. I could go in his office any time. He said, Just stop by. You're in the area at the building, just stop by any time, come up and see me and we can just chat.

And he had his door open. I mean, that, to me, was incredible, because, I mean, here he is Super Bowl champion coach. Hall of Famer. He's got so many different things to do. He would sit there and we'd talk for two hours about anything.

He was, in a sense, basically a father away from home my freshman year and kept in touch quite a bit after I left college and turned pro. He was just a great human being.

Q. In all of the rounds you have played, how highly do you rate that one?

TIGER WOODS: High, there's no doubt. I hit the ball really well and there was a nice little stretch there at 9, 10, 11 where I hit some really good shots. And I just felt that, you know, all day I was in control of my shots today. And I was controlling my trajectory.

The hard part was making some putts out there because the greens were not smooth. They were pretty bumpy. Luckily I left a lot of putts below the hole where I could take a pretty good rap at them, trying to take some hops out of it.

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August 11, 2007

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