Angel Cabrera had plenty to say - mostly in Spanish - after his U.S. Open victory. Angel Cabrera, Tiger Woods talk about thrilling U.S. Open finish

In a thrilling finale to the 2007 U.S. Open, Angel Cabrera parred the 72nd hole and watched as Tiger Woods failed to convert a birdie in the final holes - including missing a 25-footer on No. 18 - giving the Argentine not just his first PGA Tour title, but his first major as well, as he won the U.S. Open at Oakmont.

Here's what Cabrera and Woods had to say to reporters following the tournament.

Angel Cabrera

Q: Could you tell us what it means to you to be the first United States Open Champion from Argentina?

Angel Cabrera: It's definitely a very difficult situation to describe. You are not the U.S. Open Champion like every day, so it's very difficult to describe at the moment.

Q: Would you share with us a little bit what your thoughts were as you were sitting and watching Jim Furyk and Tiger Woods finish their rounds on the 18th green.

Angel Cabrera: I was there sitting, waiting. I knew that I could do no more to lower my score, so I was only waiting and hoping that it was going to be a win.

Q: What brand of cigarettes did you smoke and does that help you settle down?

Angel Cabrera: (Laughing) Well, there are some players that have psychologists, sportologists; I smoke.

Q. You never missed the cut in the U.S. Open; what makes you so good in this tournament?

Angel Cabrera: Yes, well, I definitely usually play very well in the U.S. Open. Most of the time I'm not making any putts, but this week it was like everybody was missing the putts. So that gave me an advantage.

Q: Coming off a bogey on 16, bogey on 17, what pressure were you feeling standing on the tee on 18?

Angel Cabrera: Yes, definitely making bogey on those holes made me feel nervous. But, well, I knew that I had to hit a good drive to make par on the 18th hole and sit and wait.

Q: 40 years ago, Roberto DeVincenzo beat the best player in the world to win the Open Championship at Hoylake. You beat the best player in the world to win the U.S. Open Championship. How do those accomplishments compare?

Angel Cabrera: Yeah, definitely I don't want to compare because comparisons sometimes are not so good. But the good thing is that I beat everybody here, not only Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods

Q: Looking back at three and 11, do you kick yourself over those in the middle of the fairway?

Tiger Woods: Three and 11? 3 I had a good second shot, and hit two bad chips in a row and made six. Eleven, that's the way it goes. Tough stance, I hit a terrible golf shot. But 12, 13, 14 right there in that little stretch, I was in position to make at least one of them and walked away with all pars.

Q: Jim Furyk came out and seemed disappointed and said consolation is never good enough. What are your thoughts?

Tiger Woods: Well, finishing second is never fun. You play so hard, and it's just disappointing. My last four majors, I've -- 1, 1, 2, 2; not terrible, but could have been a little bit better.

Q. The last putt on 18 didn't look like it had much of a chance. What happened on that one?

Tiger Woods: It was a putt I could play eight feet of break; it's not like I could hit it inside, right firm. It was a putt I had to die, and if it gets my where below the hole it could run off the ridge -- and I had to throw it up on the high side and give myself a chance. It was actually a triple-breaking putt, broke right-to-left, left-to-right and then right-to-left again.

Q. Did you have anything that wasn't a big breaker out there today?

Tiger Woods: It seemed like that all week. I hit so many good golf shots and ended up 10, 12 feet away and playing two, three feet of break; the putts that were uphill, left-to-right. I made them; hardly missed any of them.

But for most of the week. I kept having these big, breaking putts and I had to be real defensive and basically feed the ball down there, and hopefully it went in, but the majority of the putts didn't.

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June 19, 2007

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