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"We believe the specialist All Square golf social network is a contemporary business solution that addresses a real social matter - and is the point we will be communicating to the audience at this year's Plug and Play EXPO," said All Square's Co-founder and CEO, Patrick Rahme. read more

"It is vital for the golf industry as a whole that we understand how golfers are using social media channels to learn, communicate and engage with like-minded individuals," said Mikko Rantanen, CEO of GameBook Inc. read more

"With an inventory run rate of over 100 million digital ad impressions per month, we are very excited to report that The Players Network is performing beyond our initial expectations," said Mike Loustalot, President of Digital Caddies. "This amount of inventory has put us in a strong position." read more

"The Golf Genius app is designed to enhance the golf experience and provide golfers with efficient score entry, access to real-time leaderboard displays and the opportunity to leverage the fun, social and interactive functions of Golf Genius Software's products," said Mike Zisman, President and CEO of Golf Genius Software. read more

"We are very excited to launch this new mobile Myrtle Beach golf app," said Jack Himmelsbach, President and Chief Executive of Himmelsbach Communications. "This app is great for golfers, but also a very useful tool for any visitor to Myrtle Beach with real time deals and area information." read more

"We are very pleased to see the use of DMDs expanded and the recognition that DMDs provide essential distance information without impeding pace of play," said Richard Edmonson, CEO, SkyGolf. "At SkyGolf, we have long believed that our SkyCaddie rangefinders deliver the same information as a Tour player's yardage book." read more

"Industry research shows significant increases in mobile adoption, where we've cemented our position as the unquestioned leader in golf and built a network of millions of hyper-connected golfers," said GolfLogix President Pete Charleston. "Our growth trajectory continues to swell with new technologies and partnerships that help our members play better, faster and enjoy the game more." read more

"We are pleased that the GolfRz app has expanded its universe to golfers with android technology," said Dustin Hemesath, GolfRz creator and founder of parent company Golf Challenges LLC. "GolfRz puts a unique twist on most loyalty programs as it's designed to reward users not for actual dollars spent on playing but for the activities golfers do while they're on the course." read more

"Launching the app is an important step forward for PGA Magazine to better serve the PGA membership," said Rick Summers, PGA Magazine CEO. "Allowing PGA Professionals to access all of this valuable information on the go, whether they are on the lesson tee, in the golf shop, on the course or at home, should only help them in their careers and at their facilities." read more

"The last few years Private Club owners and board members have become more dependent on accurate financial data to run their organizations," said Ray McDonald, CEO of ClubSoft. "Our goal with this integration is to make it easy for our clients to participate and use data from the industry benchmarking experts." read more

"Golfers love talking about the courses they've played, the latest equipment they've purchased and swing tips - and the All Square app enables them to share all of these things instantly with friends, on and off the course, wherever they are in the world," said Patrick Rahme, Co-Founder and CEO of All Square. read more

"We look forward to presenting these exciting new options, which will enhance even more the advanced technology, accuracy and ease of use that XGOLF Simulator is known for," said Joseph Huh, CEO of XGOLF. read more

"Our ultimate goal is to use technology to make it easier and more enjoyable for people to go play golf," said Will McIntosh, Senior Vice President of Business & Strategy for GolfNow. "These technology offerings will allow operators to choose the model that best meets their needs to more effectively manage their businesses, while increasing revenues by providing vital insight into their golfers' purchasing trends." read more

"Having someone like Kenny Knox work with us and show off our golf technology is game changer for the company," said Spark Motion President and Founder, Dave Gottfeld. "Having the ability to teach golf using our e-commerce function will increase his business and will allow Kenny the ability to teach golfers around the world from the comfort of his home." read more

"Zach is consistently ranked among the PGA Tour's best for proximity to the hole, in large part because of his dedication to strategic positioning in attacking the green," said GolfLogix President Pete Charleston. "We've worked tirelessly to create free tools for players to similarly get a complete picture of their own games, so they can play better golf and enjoy it more." read more

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