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Jane Broderick, director of golf operations for PGA National Resort: "The addition of Digital Caddies interactive screens has been an overwhelming success at PGA National. Feedback from every player, member and resort guest has been positive." read more

"We're making the app smarter and more intuitive about where the golfer is, and what courses and tee times are most relevant to him or her," said Mike Lowe, vice president of product and user experience, GolfNow. read more

"The SAM Putt Lab is a tremendous asset to our team. The players can see and understand what is going on with their putting stroke and improve by using the training mode," said Kristi Knight, coach of the Kansas State University Women's Golf team. read more

"The updates our team has made to E6 are going to blow people away," said Ryan Jones, TruGolf's Manager of Business Development. read more

"We are excited to announce the release of our first upgrade feature that provides courses the option to graphically enhanced aerial maps and custom illustrations on their tablets," said Mike Loustalot, president of Digital Caddies. read more

"You have this beautifully designed and incredibly difficult course that users can play at home," said TruGolf Chris Jones. "Indoor golf simulators are all about improving your swing and elevating your game to the next level. This is the type of course that will do that. Golfers everywhere will have the opportunity to test their skills against, "The Bear Trap." read more

"Our team of developers has been working hard for more than two years developing the app, and is still working just as hard to improve its functionality while also adding new and exciting features. Nearly 10,000 golfers have downloaded the app only two months after its release, and we're hoping many more will download it in the months to come," said Tom Christian, marketing manager for Swing Catalyst. read more

"We are so pleased to partner with V1 Sports for this online LPGA Academy," said Dana Rader, LPGA National President. "By utilizing the V1 Pro software our LPGA teachers are able to instantly deliver lessons to their students' computers, smart phones (iPhones, Android and Blackberry) and Facebook pages where they can be easily shared and seen by more people than we ever thought possible." read more

"It's very exciting to see our platform and complex infrastructure working, growing and being accepted by course operators, golfers and advertisers alike," said Mike Loustalot, president of Digital Caddies. "This early success validates our business model and demonstrates that we are creating an engagement platform that is scalable and projected to be sustainable." read more

"We're inviting those who can make it to Franklin, TN to join us for a SAM PuttLab Putter Selection / Putt Stroke Analysis. We all learn best by doing and I'm certain the SeeMore SPI Instructors we're training will get the most out of the two days by seeing a wider variety of strokes," said Science & Motion Sports trainer Glen Coombe. read more

"ARCCOS connects to your game, shot by shot, so you have the power to make better choices on the golf course," said Sal Syed, CEO and co-founder of Arccos Golf, LLC. "More than a stat tracking tool, ARCCOS offers an easy way for golfers to get sophisticated analysis of their game and improve how they play." read more

"We are delighted with the way Stroke Rank is developing," said Falk von Wildenradt, developer of the online form guide. "While it is impossible to give exact predictions about where players will finish in any given tournament, we firmly believe that Stroke Rank can give a very good guide to a player's form and a good indication of where they are likely to finish in a Major Championship." read more

"The Swing Catalyst App, already used by many of the best players and coaches in the world, is a sophisticated game improvement tool that fits right into your pocket," said Tom Christian Lindvag, marketing manager at Swing Catalyst. "You are now able to monitor your improvements over time and receive instant feedback from your coach. Learning is no longer constrained by time and place." read more

"VPAR have been a great addition to our last 3 Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open Pro-Ams. Not only does it deliver a fantastic experience for the guests on the day but also helps with the organisational side, contributing to the overall smooth running of the day," said Tom Rann, WSM Communications. read more

"We are all anticipating a great Ryder Cup battle at Gleneagles this year between Europe and the USA and we hope our new 'Reds vs. Blues - Team Matchplay' game will inspire tens of thousands of golfers to create competitive, fun competitions themselves, live on their own smartphones," said Mikko Rantanen, co-Founder and CEO of GameBook Inc. read more