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"The Marriott Golf Mobile App delivers the most important and relevant information pertaining to our worldwide collection of Championship courses," said Brett Stark, Senior Director, Marketing & e-Commerce, Marriott Golf. "We are committed to helping our customers create memories." read more

"Golf instructors have two goals: improve their students and increase revenue," said MySwing Director of Product Development, Chase Cooper. "With this new software release, we will help them accomplish both." read more

"We are pleased to be able to offer additional TruGolf course packages to our SkyTrak customers," said Andy Allen, SportTrak Managing Director of Golf. "Golfers now have the option to add to their course library and to play a much larger selection of well known courses and compete with their friends and family in a variety of games and scoring modes." read more

"Our vision is to bring the personal data revolution to golfers everywhere by helping them unlock their golf DNA to play better and have more fun," said Sal Syed, Arccos CEO and Co-Founder. "This latest update ... sets the stage for Arccos' continued global expansion in 2017 and beyond." read more

"There are about 1.4 billion Android users worldwide, that's an enormous audience that can now join the VPAR community," said VPAR President and Managing Director Jason Stoop. read more

"The Zen Green Stage allows us to create any type of makeable putt on the planet, within seconds," Tour coach Phillip Kenyon said. "If you collect data on both straight and breaking putts, you get a much truer picture of how the student carries his/her stroke patterns onto the green." read more

"Our in-house teams of hardware and software engineers have achieved a series of technological breakthroughs that allow us to yet again provide users with a next-level performance tracking platform," said Sal Syed, Arccos CEO and Co-Founder. read more

"We're proud to announce the inclusion of Putting Perfection Platforms in the Hoosier programs and wish them the best in the fall 2016 season and beyond," Glen Coombe said. "There's not a better pairing than SAM PuttLab and PPP to teach and analyze the putting stroke as well as the outcome." read more

The new-look serves as a launching pad for the company's brand reinvigoration, which includes a series of innovative, first-of-its-kind product introductions that will help redefine the golf accessories category, as Frogger Golf builds momentum for 2017 and its 10th anniversary. read more

"With Jim McLean joining Golf Boost, it validates our patent pending technology which we have worked so hard to develop," said CEO and Founder Paul Jaure. "Golf Boost by Jim McLean offers the most sophisticated swing analysis technology available anywhere." read more

"With the SkyTrak v2.5 Skills Assessment, you can really dig in and identify specifics about your strengths and weaknesses based on accuracy, consistency, trends and precision," said Andy Allen, SportTrak Managing Director of Golf. read more

"Since 2007 we have built four putting studios for our own use that have unquestionably delivered the best training and learning environments for our students," Perfectstroke Director Mark Officer said. read more

"The virtual caddy in our app is very popular, and being able to add real time information on exactly where the pin is located on every green is extremely valuable to a golfer," said Jason Wilson, Gallus Golf CEO. "Gallus Golf and ezLocator working together delivers this right into the palm of their hand." read more

"We always seek to provide innovative, yet uncomplicated wearable devices for golfers seeking reliable and accurate GPS technology," says Juno Kim, CEO of Voice Caddie. "The B1 is perfect for golfers who want a lightweight, straightforward solution to obtaining yardages no matter where in the world they play." read more

"Golfers now have access to the best courses in the world, any time of year," said TruGolf's Business Development Manager, Ryan Jones. "E6Golf is built in full 3D, making it more immersive and realistic than other engines. We can't wait for FlightScope users to experience E6Golf and join in the online competitions." read more