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Science & Motion Sports extend their PGA Show special pricing through "Leap Day" Feb. 29. A $500 discount offered on Standard and Pro model SAM PuttLab 5.1 as well as the SAM BalanceLab3. read more

"SwingTrackTM Video is the latest in a series of exciting innovations that make our SwingTrackTM golf simulator the best for play and training, all year-round," said Peter Muellerchen, President, Visual Sports. read more

"This is a huge step forward for us as we prepare to unveil the Club Platform, our tournament management system, to U.S. golf clubs," says VPAR President and Managing Director Jason Stoop. "The integration between GHIN handicaps and our scoring technology is something our customers have asked for, as it further enhances the VPAR experience." read more

Based on the industry leading ezLocator software platform, ezPins is offered as a new solution where on-site slope analysis is not desired and value pricing is of importance. read more

"The Aiming uses cutting-edge technology to take the guesswork out of lining up for a shot, while also giving golfers the ever-illusive confidence that reduces stress and saves swings," said George Cho, CEO at Motionscape, Inc. read more

"Our team of talented engineers and designers goes to great lengths to ensure that the Arccos app is intuitive and fun, but most importantly that it provides users with accurate data to help them improve," says Arccos CEO Sal Syed. "We are constantly brainstorming ideas for new or improved functions." read more

"Up to this point, Swingbyte was a great training tool for the knowledgeable golfer, but helping the average golfer understand and utilize data to correct their swing faults is the next step," said Alex Pedenko, Swingbyte CEO and Co-Founder. "Virtual Coach will do just that by providing highly personalized, easy-to-understand drills and lessons." read more

"We're still relatively new to the North American market, so the response from users, investors and industry supporters has really exceeded our expectations," says VPAR President and Managing Director Jason Stoop. read more

"We believe the golf industry will recognize our software and services as simply the most advanced eCommerce system out there, built to the highest online transaction and event management standards," said James Morrow, President and co-founder of Golf EMS. read more

Science & Motion Sports announce major changes to their calibration fixture known as the SAM PuttStation. The new SAM PuttLab 5 Pro and Standard models are bundled with the new fixture now shipping. read more

"By using the GT1 Booster with the App, you not only increase the accuracy by up to 300 percent, you also extend the battery life of your smartphone," said Richard Edmonson, SkyGolf CEO. read more

"My vision is to encourage United States golfers to connect with golfers around the world, enhance sportsmanship and improve international relations," said James Mallamo, Founder and CEO of Matrix Golf. read more

The fastest way for golfers to lower their scores is to work on their short game. To make training of the golf short game more fun and effective the Golf Short Game Tracker has been released recently. read more

Richard Peabody, managing director of CSI: "In terms of creating a level playing field for unattached golfers it is the biggest thing to happen to the sport since handicapping was introduced." read more

"With the professional game as dramatic as ever, everyday golfers are keen to replicate the excitement that they see on the big stage. This is driving them to try our app," said VPAR President and Managing Director Jason Stoop. read more