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Cathy Blair, President and Creative Director of Sport Haley: "We create lifestyle apparel that works, for everyday and on the course. Our Fall 2015 collections are based on neutrals that pop with color, and fabrics that have purpose." read more

"Our designers have carried out research in civil engineering and construction to create the distinguishing aesthetics of HYPERFLEX which are also fundamental to its performance," said Doug Robinson, FootJoy Vice President of Design and Development Worldwide. read more

"The Drive AC represents the pinnacle of innovation from our Yamaha engineers and manufacturing team," said Yamaha President Tom McDonald. "Its cost- effectiveness and dependability could potentially save a fleet operator thousands of dollars in operating costs." read more

"Golf In Sync provides an exceptional augmentation to any golfer's practice routine," said Laurent-Alix Huguet, CEO of H4 Distribution, which distributes Golf In Sync across the U.S. "Its straightforward yet sophisticated design leads to noticeable and repeatable game improvement for players of all ability levels." read more

"The reading glasses category is growing rapidly and many golf course pro shops, retailers and resorts have already been selling reading glasses successfully," said Dan Pady, Brand Manager for Greg Norman Performance Eyewear. read more

Kris Bartholomew, founder and CEO of the Virginia-based design company: "Currently, there are very limited options for juniors and those lines do not focus on comfort and function. Also, most of the ladies' golf apparel in the market today is very mature for juniors, and who wants to wear clothes that look like an outfit for mom?" read more

"We are excited to present this new HIRZL 'Custom Golf Glove Program' to our dealers or potential customers who are attending the upcoming PGA Show. It is the perfect branding tool for companies who want a high quality, hand-crafted golf glove that perfectly embodies their brand and the offers smaller quantity requirements," said Steve Gray, HIRZL Vice President of Sales and Marketing. read more

"The POWER TEE concept was developed on the golf principles of repetition and rhythm as it negates having to reconfigure or reposition between golf shots," said POWER TEE CEO and Inventor Martin Wyeth. read more

Craig Ramsbottom, President of Dynamic Brands: "The PGA Show is a great opportunity for us to meet with our domestic and international customers and show them the depth of our entire product line." read more

"We have a luggage system that performs like no other luggage in the world. For a frequent traveler, it is life changing and the addition of the Country Club bag only makes the system that much better," said owner Jeff Herold. read more

"The Wrap-Tech takes the popular style of the classic wrap and infuses it with a variety of modern technologies and textures, giving it an amazing feel and performance benefits not typically associated with a wrap grip, like enhanced traction and slip-resistance," said Bob Lamkin, President and CEO of Lamkin. read more

"For beginners, especially children, it is much easier to learn the game by kicking a ball rather than using a club," said Terry Anton, CEO and Co-Founder of SNAG. "We wanted to develop a program where beginners can learn course management with their feet first. Soccer is the number one participatory sport around the world." read more

"Our golf gloves outperform any of our competitors and that is why this team of LDA Professionals will be in the HIRZL booth when it matters -- during the PGA Merchandise Show," said Steve Gray, HIRZL Vice President of Sales and Marketing. read more

Richard Edmonson, SkyGolf CEO: "In essence, we have created a way for a golfer to take his or her passion beyond the 18th green with what we see as the XBOX of Golf." read more

Nicklaus Golf Balls announces a special offer in honor of the Golden Bear's 75th birthday, wherein customers can purchase three dozen Nicklaus Golf Balls for the bundle price of $75, beginning on Nicklaus' birthday, January 21st, and valid through the end of the month. read more