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Among Divots' expanded new offerings for Fall is the Scottish Winds group of luxurious wind resistant and water repellant sweaters and vests for men and women. The apparel's cotton/poly outer is treated with Teflon to make water bead in a light rain, while a nylon inner lining serves as a comfortable wind barrier. read more

"Styles like the Aron and Akron jackets ... embody our focus on stripping everything down the bare essentials while still ensuring the pure performance for which Galvin Green is renowned," said Andrew Creed, President of Galvin Green USA. read more

"Loudmouth's fancy shirts are loud as you would expect; and beyond the graphics, it's a high-quality shirt," says Loudmouth Founder and Designer, Woody. "Our customers like the idea of fancy on the top and solid on the bottom to wear to office. They even look good with, dare I say it, khakis! Consider it the new Fancy Friday look." read more

"We are eager to get the new Trust Control out into the marketplace. It's our best-selling glove and with its newly enhanced performance features, we're confident its sales will reach another level," commented Steve Gray, HIRZL Vice President of Sales and Marketing. read more

"Our headwear and belts have been very popular with green grass partners and golf consumers," says Keith Brown, President of State Traditions. "Adding performance polos is a logical next step to broadening a program that's a unique alternative to existing golf apparel lines." read more

"Push N Putt was designed to set a new standard on practice greens and to help golfers have more fun when practicing putting," said Gene Pruban, Co-Founder, P&W Golf Supply. read more

Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering Worldwide: "SLIM-Lok is ... precisely aligned to the needs of modern golfers seeking greater stability, cushioning and lightweight comfort." read more

Ron McPherson, President and CEO of Antigua: "Response to the bright colors, fantastic new styling, and the advanced moisture-wicking technology has been outstanding. This promises to be our best-selling men's collection to date." read more

"We are working successfully with Golf Professionals all over the world, growing both their lesson and retail business through the PlaneSWING Program," said CEO Tony Clark. read more

"The Japan Golf Fair was one of our most anticipated shows of the year with the recent establishment of FlightScope Japan KK," said Henri Johnson, founder and CEO of FlightScope. "We are thrilled to report that the reception from leaders in the Asian golf industry throughout the show surpassed all expectations." read more

"I started Loudmouth to make pants more fun!" said Loudmouth Founder and Designer, Woody. "Khakis are the 'work uniform,' so when it was time to play (golf, parties, events) I started wearing wild pants with color and pattern, and it turns out, I met a lot of other people with the same desire. Loudmouth pants are like green eggs and ham; if you try them, you'll like them (Sam I Am)!" read more

"Only SuperStroke offers the size and surface area necessary to ensure relaxed hands, wrists, and forearms, resulting in a more repeatable stroke," said Greg Sabella, SuperStroke's Vice President of Marketing. "That's why SuperStroke grips are the most sought after oversize putter grip among players across the tours." read more

"It is no surprise that players instantly find success when turning to our latest technological advancements such as the groundbreaking SLIM-Lok system and Zarma Tour spike," said Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering Worldwide. read more

"Our new American made luggage connection system eliminates a tremendous amount of stress for travelers," said Jeff Herold, President. "No longer is there a need to rent an airport cart to maneuver one's belongings from point A to point B. Now you can roll multiple wheeled luggage pieces effortlessly with only one hand." read more

"Just like a metronome in music, Swingclick, with its three click design, helps train your brain with good rhythm and timing producing a more consistent swing," said Mike Quinn, Managing Director of Swingclick. read more