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Aerotech Golf President Chris Hilleary: "SteelFiber design and composite technology give players greater vibration dampening, reduce their fatigue, and provide the stability that players have historically associated with steel shafts. SteelFiber shafts are game-changers." read more

"QMIT allows Penley to tailor a better balanced composite laminate for golf shafts," said Carter Penley, CEO of Penley Golf Shafts. "For the seasoned player, QMIT provides a stable performance platform to deliver the club head to the ball consistently, resulting in enhanced feel, greater distance and improved shot control." read more

"We're exceptionally proud that in the last six months alone, players who use the DST Compressor have recorded three PGA Tour wins and also claimed titles on the European Tour, The Japan Golf Tour, LPGA and Tours," DST Golf Founder and CEO Bertie Cordle said. read more

SteelFiber shafts by Aerotech Golf scored a Top 10 Triple-play, landing top money positions on three top U.S. Tours. SteelFiber and Claymore shafts combined for a T3 and T7 at the Senior Players Championship on the Champions Tour, a T9 at the KPMG Women's PGA Championship on the LPGA, and a T5 at the Rust-Oleum Championship on the Tour. read more

Richard "Mitch" Mitchell," co-founder of Molhimawk: "In honor of the Magnum P.I. stash, short shorts, barbecue stains, and men in minivans with dancing hula girls on the dash, Molhimawk is proud to announce that they'll be hooking dads up with their super 'rad' and inexpensive RKX golf bags at a very amazing price." read more

"As the summer temperatures rise, players need to remember the impact grips can have on their performance," says Bob Lamkin, President and CEO of Lamkin Grips. "Having the rights grips will ensure hand comfort and stability no matter what the weather conditions are." read more

"Having an outstanding amateur player like this win a National Championship and then qualify for the U.S. Open reaffirms that our grips are not just for mid to high handicap golfers," said John Mazzanoble, V.P. of Sales for JumboMax. read more

"In tough scoring conditions, having golf spikes that ensure the upmost in traction and stability is paramount to success on the course," says Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering Worldwide. "Our groundbreaking products help all players find that extra edge to perform at their highest potential." read more

"SteelFiber graphite irons shafts are changing the way players, both professional and amateur alike, think about their iron performance," said Chris Hilleary, president of Aerotech Golf. read more

"My Cure RX2 putter is the most stable putter I have ever used and my putting stats have improved dramatically," said Rod Spittle. "The results speak for themselves and I encourage all players to check it out." read more

"Seeing all of our guys stacked up at the top of the Leaderboard on Sunday afternoon was quite a thrill," said Eddie Rowland, Co-Founder of Nexbelt. "We have an amazing team of players we're working with right now and it just keeps getting better and better." read more

"Tour players who practice with the Compressor develop their own perception of what it feels like to reach the optimal impact position, allowing them to seamlessly translate that feeling to their own clubs," DST Golf Founder and CEO Bertie Cordle said. read more

"Helping to win such a prestigious national title confirms that JumboMax grips are not just for mid to high handicap golfers," said John Mazzanoble, V.P. of Sales for JumboMax. "JumboMax grips were designed to help golfers of all skill levels hit longer, straighter shots." read more

"We wanted to do something really special for the second Major of the season and our engineering team did a tremendous job with the design and performance of this product," says Bob Lamkin, President and CEO of Lamkin. read more

"This collection screams summer!" says Loudmouth Founder and Designer, Woody. "I designed it because our customers want to feel like they're at a party 365 days a year. When you wear Loudmouth, even WORK feels like a party!" read more