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"CHAMP spikes provide maximum traction, durability and comfort to help players achieve the confidence needed to maximize performance," said Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering Worldwide. read more

"Our dominant presence on the PGA Tour is well known but our worldwide growth on all professional golf tours is burgeoning which is a key component to our overall growth," Fujikura Golf Marketing Manager Stephanie Hartgraves said. "These victories mean a lot to the company." read more

"SteelFiber is revolutionizing the way we play the game," said Chris Hilleary, president of Aerotech Golf. "It's a true game-changer." read more

"We are delighted to partner with the South Central Section PGA," said Calum McPherson, founder and managing director of Golphin. "Our goal is to inspire children towards a lifetime of playing golf." read more

"Fujikura extends its congratulations to this world class golf professional for winning this imposing JLPGA event. We also want to thank her for playing and supporting the Fujikura Speeder Golf Brand Series," commented Fujikura Golf Marketing Manager Stephanie Hartgraves. read more

"We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winner of the Insperity Invitational," said Laurent-Alix Huguet, CEO of H4Distribution, which distributes Argolf putters across the U.S. "An increasing number of tour players are discovering the exceptional design and performance qualities of Argolf putters." read more

"Every professional and every golfer has different swing characteristics, as seen by these two Champions," Fujikura Golf Marketing Manager Stephanie Hartgraves said. "Each played a different Fujikura Golf Shaft to fit their game and maximize their results." read more

"The Caliber incorporates the unique hollow metal core technology of our original MA 1.0 ball with the Soft Cell layer that has made our Avant ball so popular," said co-founder and VP Steve Coulton. read more

"These outstanding results included a variety of Fujikura Golf Shafts but there is one commonality, they all were developed with our proprietary fitting and testing enso Technology -- the real differentiator between us and the competition," Fujikura Golf Marketing Manager Stephanie Hartgraves said. read more

"Our spikes provide golfers of any skill level with equipment that will benefit their performance in all conditions and the PiviX spike, along with the SLIM-LOK fastening system, are major engineering breakthroughs," said Harris MacNeill, President and CEO. read more

Another media outlet has ordained Knuth Golf's High Heat Driver THE club to own for amateur golfers. The High Heat Driver rated tops in every category by participants in the Go Time Golf test, conducted earlier this month. read more

"Improving your range of motion is critical to developing a better golf swing," said Bernie Fay, inventor of the MISIG. "Simply slide the handle up the bar and you will feel the tremendous stretching action of the shoulders, back and hips. The MISIG helps to keep muscles and tendons loose decreasing the chance of injury." read more

"As we have said before, 'Winning is the ultimate goal on all of the professional tours. It is the aspiration of every professional and Fujikura takes this seriously,'" Fujikura Golf Marketing Manager Stephanie Hartgraves said. read more

"We are so pleased that the golf writers and media have embraced our High Heat metalwoods," said club designer Dean Knuth. "We look forward to more media members having the opportunity to try our clubs at the ING Spring Conference, a must-attend for golf equipment companies." read more

"To win is an enormous accomplishment and the Fujikura team celebrates every one of them," said Fujikura Golf Marketing Manager Stephanie Hartgraves. "Congratulations to the Yamaha Ladies Open Champion and thank you for increasing our win count." read more