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"The Golf Club of Texas was always one of San Antonio's favorite courses because of its playability and the feeling that golf was the most important aspect of the site," said Bechtol. "Where else can you get a golf course that's four-holes wide with plenty of room in between those holes? You stand on the deck of the clubhouse here and see nothing but golf across the wide plain to the south." read more

"I absolutely believe The Bluffs has the potential to be one of the top courses in the world," said course designer Greg Norman, speaking at the grand opening of his latest project in Vietnam. read more

"Already, feedback from visiting local and international golfers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are confident Assoufid Golf Club will quickly establish itself as one of Morocco's finest courses, and become a must-visit stop off for the discerning golf traveller," said Guy Maxwell, Golf Director at Assoufid Golf Club. read more

"It has been an extremely busy year," said Pamela Gromadzki, the resort's International Marketing Director. "Receiving the nomination for the World Golf Awards was a wonderful way to recognise the hard work and dedication shown by all the team at Modry Las. But the icing on the cake has been our new website which showcases all that is on offer at Modry Las." read more

"The new clubhouse will completely transform the country club experience for our members. Our goal is to attract younger professionals and their families," said Todd Pickup, principal of Newport Beach C.C. read more

"In a time when many clubs are still struggling, Mirabel's climbing membership is a testament to how special this club really is," said Mirabel General Manager, Randy St. John, CCM. "The strong sense of community and outstanding amenities make Mirabel a place people want to be." read more

"The response from the federal government has been beyond incredible," said Greg Tallman, director of golf at Cabo del Sol, of the government's $5 million recovery campaign. "This is the playbook for how to deal with a natural disaster." read more

"As a majority of club members continue to age, the course simply needed to be softened so it would be more enjoyable for longstanding members," said Chris Wilczynski, whose firm oversaw the project. "And since the course had not been significantly renovated since it was opened in 1994, its aesthetics had to be enhanced to ensure the club would continue to attract members on a long-term basis." read more

"It's going to be spectacular,'' said Jim McWethy, who has owned the facility since 2003 after being one of the original investors when the course opened in 1998. "Almost nothing will be as innovative, creative and attractive as this will be.'' read more

"We are extremely excited," said Archie Lemon, Tidewater's general manager. "At Tidewater, we have a beautiful layout; it's second to none. Now our greens are back up to the standard we want them to be." read more

St Enodoc was described by Golf Digest as 'A rollicking James Braid design on the southwest toe of England, lengthened in the past decade but still short and odd enough to be a cult favourite'. read more

"The Chesapeake Bay is in our backyard, so maintaining ecologically-sound practices is especially important," said Joe Tubiolo, Certified Golf Course Superintendent at Eisenhower. "Through hard work, we have effectively decreased our environmental footprint while providing golfers with top-tier, healthier playing experiences." read more

"The revitalization of Reflection Bay is a significant step in the recovery of Lake Las Vegas as the luxury new home and resort destination in Henderson," said Patrick Parker, division president for Raintree Investment Corp., exclusive agent for Paulson & Co. "This fall, we are celebrating the restoration of Reflection Bay and the opening of the new road to Lake Las Vegas, Galleria Parkway." read more

Alpine Country Club will immediately offer the opportunity for all stockholder families to welcome their entire direct lineage of family members with all stockholder memberships. Stockholders at Alpine Country Club will now uniquely be able to extend their membership privileges to their vertical family members immediately without additional fees. read more

"We have vastly improved our overall product to members and their guests and wanted our new website to reflect those magnificent changes," said Brian Kelley, general manager of Manchester Country Club. "Our website is our portal to the world and by refreshing our content along with implementing new and vibrant photos, we have clearly upgraded our presence." read more