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"The economics of PGA Professionals have changed over the last 20-years," said Kevin Carlson, a PGA member and professional golf coach at Fitzsimons Golf Course. "The TGA model has created an excellent business opportunity and pathway for us to develop future customers in our marketplace." read more

"Clubhouses are evolving from single revenue sources to multi-purpose facilities to reflect evolving societal culture. The clubhouse is becoming a community center for golfers, families and business associates to enhance rapport during their leisure," said Rick Christensen, of Partners and Sirny, one of the golf industry's leading clubhouse architectural firms. read more

"Golf is poised to be the ideal summer centerpiece for our members and guests," said Robert Stenhammer, Vice President of Hospitality at Telluride Ski & Golf Resort. "Exposing the Telluride Golf Club experience to audiences nationally and in our target markets is paramount to our long-term success." read more

"Unlike other sports memorabilia auction sites, The Golf Auction specializes only in golf related memorabilia and collectibles," said Kip Ingle, The Golf Auction founding member. "In general sports auction sites, golf usually takes a back seat. But golf memorabilia consigned to The Golf Auction receives exclusive exposure to ensure collectibles will receive a fair market value." read more

"We look forward to working with our team to improve member and guest service levels," said KemperSports CEO Steve Skinner. "Working with the ownership group our goal will be to maintain superb course conditions and grow the Club's programming." read more

"It has been a dream of mine, and our company, to be able to have kids and families be a more integral part of the game. Longleaf will enable us to research and demonstrate how to make that happen in a real life environment," said Dan Van Horn, Founder of U.S. Kids Golf. read more

"SKIMP accessories are being enthusiastically received by retailers and consumers across the country," said Laurent-Alix Huguet, CEO of H4 Distribution, which distributes SKIMP products throughout the U.S. read more

"The largest participants may not be the most financially stable as we saw with the drop in golf sales from both TaylorMade and Dick's/Golf Galaxy in 2014," said Sara Killeen, President of Longitudes Group. "The coming year will be a horse race with varying strategies between the largest retail chains. Some will seek to win market share at all costs while others pursue financial stability via careful investing." read more

Topgolf Executive Chairman Erik Anderson: "After three years of planning, Topgolf and MGM Grand are bringing the boldest new concept in sports entertainment to the entertainment capital of the world." read more

Golf course architecture firm Tripp Davis and Associates (TDA) will exhibit at the 2015 Golf Industry Show in San Antonio, Texas, February 21-26. Meet Tripp to learn about his new design projects. read more

"We always enjoy attending GIS and discussing how we can make a major impact on golf facilities' top and bottom lines," said Jim Bailey, managing partner of International Club Suppliers. "With more than 5,000 brand-name products available through ICS, we have a selection your guests will crave." read more

"Wintergreen has great facilities," said Mark K. Fischer, speaking on behalf of Pacific Group Resorts. "Between ski, golf, spa, tennis, and meeting space, Wintergreen is an active year round playground, and it is right next to the Shenandoah National Forest, so it is one of the most beautiful resorts in the eastern U.S." read more

"Wilson makes great equipment that helps the average woman golfer enjoy the game more," said Donna Hoffman, President and Founder of WOC. "We all remember those one or two solid hits in a round that remind us why we love the game." read more

Robert Bettinardi, President/CEO of Bettinardi Golf: "Even though we have products in over 25 countries across the globe, we are constantly evolving in order to become a major player in the international marketplace." read more

"Our phenomenal growth is a testament to the hard work of our team of co-workers at Fairways Golf and portends a great year ahead for the golf travel industry," said Alan Hale, President of FairwaysGolf. read more