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"Golf is not as complicated as most people think," said John Gerring, whose book Simple Enough has been published by AuthorHouse. "Don't think too much or you will weaken your swing. The challenge is not in technique but in synchronizing all the parts." read more

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner, a weekend player or a seasoned golfer, each step in this book is here to help you achieve your best. read more

"It is a privilege to have my reminiscences and my artwork as part of this magnificent volume," Hartough said. "For those who enjoy learning about golf's St Andrews origins, history and tradition, this is a book to be treasured." read more

If you love to golf, laugh, drink and travel; then "A Drinkin' Man with a Golf Problem" is for you! Join Randy "Tank" Tantlinger for a drink and a laugh as he travels around the world to exotic golf destinations in Thailand, Africa, Ireland, Scotland, France, Wales, Nova Scotia, Iceland, Costa Rica and beyond! read more

"The 'Setting up Golf Courses for Success' guidebook will serve as a resource to ... make golf courses more fun and enjoyable for all," said PGA President Derek Sprague. "We believe this guide will inspire facilities to recognize the tangible benefits that a welcoming golf course set up suitable for one's skill level can have for their members, customers and guests, and over time, their bottom line." read more

Through stories and anecdotes, Lehman teaches men the biblical skills, values and discipline needed for a purpose-filled life. Whether you're a man struggling to find his purpose and place in this world or simply a golfer curious about a fellow sportsman view on the game, More Than a Game will prove both entertaining and life changing. read more

"I would recommend this workout to everyone who considers themselves a serious and or casual golfer," said satisfied customer Paul Roch. "Follow the workouts and you will not only have more stamina, but also more endurance and you will be out hitting all of your buddies." read more

"There are other writers that been doing these trips for over 20 years and have been around the world numerous times, but hopefully I offer a fresh perspective and others can learn from my experiences," Limpert said. read more

"There is a special connection that exists between the worlds of golf and business, and it's a reason why many of today's business leaders have achieved success," said Gaudet. read more

This book was not written to recount the life and legend of Mr. Moe Norman, but rather the contributions he made towards the single plane swing and the game of golf. It relays what the author Billy J. Gaines Sr. has learned over the 13 plus years he spent teaching this method as a instructor with Natural Golf. read more

"You don't have to be a single-digit handicapper to enjoy the game," said Moore, a former award-winning sports editor. "But you need to approach the game like one when it comes to integrity and golf etiquette." read more

"It is very humbling to author a book that benefits 15 Professional Golf Management programs and has been purchased by golf industry personnel in 16 countries," said JJ Keegan, Managing Principal of Golf Convergence. read more

"It's time that a regular player's golf story is told, warts and all," said Kalwa, a lifelong educator, recreational athlete and a private golf instructor. read more

Classics of Golf Publisher Mike P. Beckerich: "Veron is one of the true geniuses of the written word and golf. When I learned that we could be the publisher of The Greatest Player Who Never Lived I immediately secured it to continue to share it with the golf world." read more

Written by award-winning journalist and former Golf Digest Managing Editor Roger Schiffman, and photographed by long-time Nicklaus photographer Jim Mandeville, the volume promises to be a handsome keepsake for any member of these clubs or anyone interested in Nicklaus designs or golf history. read more