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Baldwin: Tiger Woods handles his baby's birth with class

Much of what you need to know about Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson can be found in the very different ways they handled the birth of a child. Mickelson turned one of his kids' births into a media event, making sure everybody knew about his beeper vigil at the 1999 U.S. Open. Mickelson couldn't have played the Mr. Mom role up better for all those fawning sponsors to see if he brought in Michael Keaton.

The only surprise was that Mickelson didn't invite Katie Couric to report live from the delivery room.

Tiger, on the other hand, couldn't have handled the birth of his daughter this week with more dignity. He didn't turn the U.S. Open into a story of Tiger Daddy. He let the focus stay on golf, and some of the other golfers. He offered no distraction excuses when he finished second for the second straight major. He stuck around for the trophy ceremony, gave Angel Cabrera his props and then quietly went home for the birth. Which he informed the world of in understated fashion on his web site.

That's Tiger class as opposed to Mickelson crass.

It's a safe bet that Sam Alexis Woods will not be used in photo-op moments on the 18th greens of tournaments either. There will be no repeats of Mickelson's now charmless: Release the kids! at every camera click chance.

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