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Baldwin: Sergio's the most overrated player of the Tiger era

Sergio Garcia proved once again at Oakmont why he's the most overrated player and overblown story of the Tiger Woods era. The 27-year-old Spaniard with the guts of Mini Mouse found the famed Church Pew bunkers three times in the first round of the U.S. Open alone on the way to an oh-so-predictable Sergio nine-over 79.

If the going's tough, you can be sure Garcia is going to be hiding in pants that are yellow - one way or the other. Sergio could have spent three weeks in an actual church pew before the U.S. Open and it wouldn't have made a difference. He's one of sports' ultimate wimps.

The world is full of great Sergio stories. I went to the Okanagans - a wonderful area of Canada that's been dubbed Napa North for its wineries, but hardly the place you'd expect to find one of the highest paid golfers in the world - and found an 81-year-old millionaire who had great tales about Sergio Garcia visiting his resort and taking out a different one of his waitresses every night.

Only Sergio Garcia would buy two houses in the Okanagans. He's one of the great characters in golf. And one of it's worst competitors ever.

For more on the Open, don't forget to check out BTuck's reporting from Oakmont. He's one of the only reporters who gave you a real sense of how the rain would affect the early rounds. He's surely the only one who managed to work a Ian Poulter's yummy line into his work.

As for Sergio, he probably couldn't beat a teenage girl if there was a major on the line.

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