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Chris Baldwin: Laura Davies defends Michelle Wie

HAVRE DE GRACE, Md. - Laura Davies is quickly turning into one of Michelle Wie's biggest defenders on the LPGA Tour. With everyone from Annika Sorenstam to now Nicole Castrale (who barely knows who she is herself) ripping on Wie for a lack of respect, a 22-year veteran of professional golf defends the 17-year-old's LPGA-assisted withdrawal from the Ginn Tribute.

"The course was an unfair course in its setup," Davies said of Rivertown Country Club track where the Ginn was held last week. "Especially if you're coming back from an injury. It's not like she's shooting 88 every week. It was obviously a freak occurrence.

"I think we need to let it go."

That's obviously not happening. Not with players wondering when the LPGA is going to explain its actions to them. Not with even Castrale saying late this afternoon, "The only thing that I would say is if it's true that she came out and practiced on Saturday, it's pretty sad. It shows a little bit of disrespect to Annika. Annika has done so much for the game of golf and women's golf ..."

Still, Davies' take is interesting. The veteran straight shooter isn't one of those beyond-reason Wie Warriors who's convinced Team Wie actually pulled out because of a wrist "tweak." Davies says "(Wie) obviously wasn't injured to the point where she couldn't keep playing."

Instead, Davies argument seems to be that the 88 rule should never have applied to Wie anyways because she's proven she can play on the Tour in the past. Davies' thinking is more cynical than a grandpa who supposedly walked to school three miles through the snow every day. Again, why not just throw out all the rules in sports then?

But there's no denying, it's an interesting perspective. In some ways you have to admire Davies for not giving a damn who she offends in the LPGA locker room by being a voice that's speaking up for Wie. You have to love a straight shooter on either side.

The problem comes when Team Wie tries to spin everything and deny reality.

Why doesn't Wie just make Davies' argument too?

Stay tuned to the front of tomorrow for more full stories and columns from the LPGA Championship, including something that's going to shock you about the No. 1 ranked player in women's golf. And no, that's not Wie.

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