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U.S. Kids Golf unveils version of custom fitting to kids market

U.S. Kids Golf is bringing its own version of custom fitting to the kids market to help young players find clubs that best fit their size, strength and ability. Implementing the new fitting system affects the entire U.S. Kids Golf club line for 2007 and represents the most significant change the company has made to its equipment lineup in its 10-year history, according to Dan Van Horn, founder and president.

The patent-pending fitting system is based on a numbering scheme that relates a player’s height and ability to the proper length clubs. The system is used throughout the company’s Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced club offerings. The company’s 2007 product line has expanded to include 10 sets in the Beginner/Intermediate group and five in the Advanced group.

“The key to swing development, especially at an early age, are clubs that fit the player’s size and ability as closely as possible,” said Van Horn. “This system brings more precision to that process than has ever been available for young players.”

Fitting according to height, as opposed to age, is far more effective because of the differences in the growth rates of many youngsters.

“Fitting by age can put a club in a player’s hands that is wrong for the child by as much as 10 to 12 inches,” Van Horn said.

Tour Series, among the new products for 2007, is the most advanced line of junior equipment U.S. Kids Golf has ever made. Tour Series clubs are available in five systems that provide the right fit for players within a three-inch height range. Numerical model names correspond to the player’s height and driver length combination. The 51-35 Tour Series, for example, fits a 51” kid with a 35” driver. The line also includes 54-37, 57-39, 60-41 and 63-43 models. The system name is printed on the grips, further facilitating the fitting process.

While the right fit is important for all young players, it’s even more critical for advanced players who play competitive events on a regular basis. “Players in this age group typically grow two and a half to three inches per year,” Van Horn said. “Tour Series clubs are designed so the driver length increases two inches for every three inches in height. That assures that players maintain an on-plane swing during their developing years and never have to adapt their golf swing to their equipment.”

Van Horn adds that more precise fitting also provides an easier transition to adult clubs.

Tour Series features beta-forged titanium drivers, 17-4 stainless steel fairway metals, 431 stainless steel irons and scoring wedges. Iron shafts are spined and frequency matched for consistency through the set. The shafts also have a stronger flex than traditional kids’ clubs for more distance and less torque.

Five-club Tour Series sets include 3-wood, 6-iron, 8-iron, PW, SW and stand bag; the 10-club set includes 3- and 5-woods, 5-9 irons, PW, SW, GW and stand bag. Depending on the selection of steel or graphite irons, MSRP for 5-club sets range from $189.99 to

$219.99. The 10-club sets range from $299.99 to $399.99. All fairway metals have graphite

have graphite shafts. MSRP for graphite shafted titanium drivers with head sizes ranging

from 320cc to 400cc is $149.99. A 340-gram alignment putter ($44.99), 4 hybrid ($59.99) and stand bag ($74.99) also are being introduced as part of the Tour Series line.

About U.S. Kids Golf
U.S. Kids Golf is based in Atlanta, Ga., and manufactures equipment made specially for kids. In addition to more than 3,800 golf shops and retail locations in the U.S., the company’s products also are available in Europe, Canada, the Middle and Far East, South America, Mexico and Australia. Through the Personal Tee™ Golf Learning Program and its Local Tours, Regional Championships and the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship and World Championship qualifiers, USKG also provides opportunities for instruction and competition. For more information, call 1-888-3 US KIDS or visit

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