Golf News for Thursday, December 22, 2016 | Media

U.S. President elect Donald Trump declared "Golf's Greatest Personality" by ASIAN GOLF

ASIAN GOLF, the only pan Asian golf magazine in Asia has devoted the cover of its January 2017 edition to recognising Mr. Trump.

In the magazine's editorial, it notes that 2016, the year in which Mr. Trump trumped the U.S. Presidential elections, will see change on an unprecedented and monumental scale. It declared: "The United States of America will embark on a new journey that President elect Donald Trump will make absolutely certain, sets the nation on a pathway to making it great again. Of this we are certain. We believe that Trump, the first man from outside the hallowed world of career politicians to lead the most powerful nation on the Planet, will deliver on his promises. He has imbued many with a renewed outlook of hope and a fired up desire to shoot for the stars."

The magazine added: "The Asia Pacific Golf Group (the parent company that publishes ASIAN GOLF) shares in Trump's vision for a better tomorrow and we have jumped on his bandwagon as he pulls the free world to a new era of change."

The in-coming President owns more than a dozen golf courses, which are an integral part of the Trump Organization's "luxury" brand image.

The January edition of ASIAN GOLF will be out on December 28.